Kissed my manager's feet

When I was in my early 20s I worked at a university job, and my manager was a 40 year old lady named Joanne. She looked good for her age and had never had children, and was married to a guy but never took his last name. Rumor had it they had an open marriage, but I suspected that they had more of a femdom relationship. I was right.

She was rather attractive, about probably 5'7", great shape, dark blonde hair with green eyes. She tanned in the summer time and wore pantyhose pretty much every day. She was out of her husband's league, I mean, not even close. We had a cordial relationship, and I was intimidated by her beauty.

I stupidly looked at foot fetish material at work and got almost caught by one of my coworkers, Margaret, herself a very attractive brunette. She didn't say anything, but I think she asked someone to look at the logs of my activity and found out that I had a major foot fetish. Nobody said anything directly, but I think that's what happened.

A month or so later my manager said the clutch in her car was acting up and asked me to go to lunch with her and check to see if she was using it properly. She was wearing a dress and pantyhose with open sandals. I couldn't believe my luck at being basically asked to stare at her feet.

We got in the car and she started driving and I was mesmerized. We got to the restaurant and ordered and ate, talking about work and everything else, and nothing else happened.

A couple of weeks later she mentioned that her clutch was acting up and the guy at the garage thought she wasn't using it properly, and asked if I would watch again as she drove. She was dressed the same, I thought I was in heaven.

We got in the car and she started to drive, and she said "Would you just like to go to my place for a sandwich?" I enthusiastically said "yes", and she had second thoughts and said "well, let's just go to that one restaurant instead" and we did that.

I still really didn't know what to think about all this, but I enjoyed watching her feet work the pedals. I probably looked like I was dreaming when this went on.

A few weeks later she used the same excuse, and this time insisted on just making some sandwiches. I was honestly hoping she'd say something when we got to her house about her feet, as I was just hard as a rock watching her shift even though she seemed to know what she was doing.

When we got to her house she slipped out of her sandals and we went to the kitchen. She made a couple of sandwiches and we sat down to eat. While we were eating she finally made her move. She had sat with an empty seat between us and she put her stocking feet on the seat between us. I was so distracted that it was difficult to finish eating. My erection was obvious, and she rubbed her feet together occasionally if I seemed to be able to focus on eating.

I finally finished my sandwich long after she'd finished hers. Her feet were on the chair to my right and I was sneaking peeks at them. They were flawless, probably size 8 and I could tell through the light pantyhose that her soles were much lighter than the tops of her feet since it was summer time.

I finally snapped out of a daze when I realized she was talking to me. I looked at her and she pointed to them and said "do you want to kiss them?"

I was caught off guard and didn't say anything and she said "if you want to kiss them you'd better do it now". I gently leaned over and gave each one a kiss. She laughed and said "you foot guys are all the same, just like my husband".

She then said "I bet you'd like to just worship them, right?" I quickly said "yes" and she laughed again and said "It'll be on my terms, understand?" Again, I said "yes", probably looking like I'd just won the lottery.

She said "come here" and went to the living room which was open to the kitchen. There she sat in a chair and said "kneel down in front of me, eyes down but don't look at my feet". I kneeled in front of her and tried to not look at her beautiful feet just inches in front of me.

She asked me "what do you like about my feet?" I said "they're very pretty". "No, I want to know specifically what's nice about them. Tell me in detail".

I was embarrassed at the situation because I'd never talked about my foot fetish before, and now I was being told to explain it. I started in "Your toes are nicely shaped, not too long and not short. Your nails are nicely painted, and you have arches with nice shape."

After a moment of hesitation she said "go on". Ugh, it was humiliating. She wriggled them in front of me for inspiration. "I get turned on by tanned feet with pink soles. Something about the contrast between the tanned tops and the pink soles just turns me on, I don't know what else to say about it".

She giggled and said "That is so sweet. So you like my tan?" "Yes, I like it a lot" was my reply. She laughed and said "Guys are so easy to manipulate".

Then she said "Okay, you may worship my feet, but treat them nicely". I shamelessly worshiped her feet. It was the first time I'd actually done such as I'd been too shy to mention it to women before. I had never been so turned on in my life.

She told me to wait there and went out of the room for a minute. When she returned she told me to stand up and undress. I hesitated and went to ask what she wanted and she simply said "You'd better do it now". I quickly stripped, my erection bobbing aimlessly.

She told me to put my hands behind my back as she was going to lightly restrain me with handcuffs. After that she had me kneel again, and she took off the pantyhose and sat down in front of me again. She again presented her beautiful bare feet to me and I again worshiped as I had only dreamed of in the past.

After many minutes she was switching feet and one brushed the erection. I gasped as I was about ready to explode. She laughed and said "I think somebody likes that. Do you want more?" I said "I'd love that" and she said "I bet you would".

She began teasing me off and on, and with my hands restrained I had to take whatever she gave. Her manipulations brought me to the edge of ejaculation and I finally blurted out "I'm going to cum". She put both feet on my face and said "not right now you're not going to cum". I was so close but not close enough. I was straining at the cuffs by then, as just one or two strokes and I'd have that much needed cum.

She finally said "It's time to go back to work". I began begging her to put me over the edge but she giggled and teased just a little more with her feet, and said "do not touch it when I uncuff you. You'll get dressed and we'll go back to work."

She gave me 10 minutes to just kneel there and cool off, and I was insanely horny like I'd never been before. She finally uncuffed me and made me get dressed hurriedly. We then went back to work, and she had no pantyhose on by now.

She didn't say anything for a couple of days, and finally she called me into her office. She told me to lock the door. The office was sizable but the door had only a small window. Because of a bookshelf there was a large area that couldn't be seen from outside of it.

After I'd locked the door she said "crawl over here by my desk". I did so. She slipped her sandals off, pointed to her bare feet and said "worship, hands behind your back". I again did so. She asked "What did you do when you got home a couple of days ago?" My face turned bright red and she laughed and said "You're lucky you get to do that. My husband is locked in a chastity device and gets that sort of relief about once a month if he's kept me happy all month, which isn't easy. Imagine that every single day he has to worship my feet just like you're doing, hands cuffed behind his back and his little dick available for my teasing torment."

I thought I was going to bust a button in my pants.

Finally she told me to get up. She said "I'd love to lock you up like I do my husband and frustrate you with my feet. But we'll get in trouble here if we get caught. So we can't do this anymore. Don't ever tell anybody about this and it'll be our secret."

I was let down but understood. That's probably why she was hesitant at first.

I suspected Margaret was the one who had found out and told her because she started wearing open sandals to work more often, making sure to tease me now and then by showing me her feet. But she never outright said anything. Unfortunately, I never got invited by my manager for sandwiches again and we never mentioned it. She moved out of town a couple of years later and we lost touch.

Feb 15

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