Son and my used panties

My son has been jerking off in my dirty panties for about 5 years now. Although I know all about it, I've never said anything. I think this is a perfectly normal step in a young boy's sexual development. Whenever I am changing my panties, I make a bit of noise when I drop them into the laundry hamper. I then secretly watch to see him go into the laundry room, and check in the hamper. I've seen him remove my dirty panties many a time and slip them into his pocket. He then goes back to his bedroom. Not hard to figure out what he's doing in there.

1 month ago

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    • When he goes and puts them back go get them and lick his cum out of them RIGHT in front of him

    • Slip a note in your panties… he’ll come running to mommy 👉👌

    • I always sniffed, licked, and jerked off into my mother's panties

    • Let him cum on you and see how much you both enjoy it.


    • Wake him up one morning by riding his cock; he will worship you & obey you.

    • It is perfectly normal for a boy his age to develop a desire for your panties.
      Not only is he discovering masturbation, he is developing a desire for the female scent in your panties. Not to mention, they probably feel good on his cock.
      My son did the same thing with my pantyhose. I noticed that I had been missing a few pair. When I was changing the sheets on his bed one day I found them under his mattress. I was furious to think what he was doing and told my husband about what was happening. He said just to let him do it.

    • Dr Ruth I’m so hard thinking about my sister and aunt I had my sister I told my aunt we did it to but how can I make my aunt want it I sent her cock pictures and she likes them I want my aunt bad

    • Thank you, Dr. Ruth.

    • Hmu I'd love to see or hear more, and become friends

    • Let him fuck you that’s all he wants

    • As a son - I thank you!

    • I used to cum in my moms panties she knew couldnt hide my cum inside them, she too found the idea erotic

    • I know what you mean ironically I just made a post about not being sexually attracted to my son and not wanting sex from or with him. But I find it erotic and sexually arousing to find his cum in my panties or even knowing he is jerking off with them I even find it hot to wear my jizzed in panties and just asked if anyone else is in that situation

    • Some one's reply below would apply to you. Hand them personally to him. See his reaction. What would your reaction be. If you say your sexually aroused by the thought of it, wouldn't you like to push the envelope a little more? Let us know what happens.

    • Hot

    • Just hand them to him and see what he does

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