Stepdaughter kept showing me her....

It all started when she was twelve years old he will walk out in front of a butt naked When she knew we were alone and made Me very uncomfortable. I would turn my head. I would try to avoid her but she always seemed to get me by sitting in front of me a horror running shorts Sitting indian style with her yay yall out and open. She would go as to leave for laptop open with her legs spread holding her thing open or with something Inside it when⁶ she went to school. Knowing that I was going bring laundry into her room to make room For me to dovmy laundry. She will leave her dirty panties on the floor All the time she will walk in on me while I'm showering Acting like it was a mistake but she knew what she was doing you doin. After several months of her doing these things to me and to my cousin also Then I started growing a curiosity. You started with a thought of her when I was having sex with my wife To masturbating with her dirty underwear Which turned into full blown desire. Every morning when she left for school I will go masturbate in her room. With her stuff looking at her pictures a video With a pair of her dirty underwear In my face. This stuff has went on for years I never stopped online though let her know what I thought. I still love masturbating with her dirty panties just Before my wife and I have sick ain't she always tells me how she loves that sweaty Smell all my c*** and get her to suck it all off How much the block is twenty six thanks and I don't think of her that way Anymore.

Apr 17

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    • My 18 yr old wife loved to make my dad crazy - bikini panties all askew on her ass at breakfast....upskirts in her short dresses. Nipples at bedtime in her nighties!
      She gave him more stuff to masturbate about than 10 magazines!

    • She obviously wanted our cock. You should have taken advantage of it way back then. She needed it and deserved it. too bad you wasted your time and sex opportunity. A hungry little slut like that can be really good in bed.

    • My ex stepdaughter wants to fuck me to this day.

    • Well for God's sake give it to her. why make her suffer. She needs your dick.

    • I want someone like you in my pussy.

    • Where are you located? Age?

    • I could arrange something

    • How old are you?

    • Paedo

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