Where do I go???

I'm a bu curious older married man with an urge to try some cock. Can't go to a gay bar (need to be discreet) I wish there were a trail somewhere close that horny men cruise so I can wear some skimpy shorts go for a walk and hopefully be approached by one or even better two men with hard ons bent on getting a piece of ass . They guide me into an area just off the trail and proceed to pull out there cocks and tag team me.... pumping me at both ends until they unload inside me. They get dressed and we all go on our way... I want to taste and take cock so bad... I need it who can help me out???? Or give me an idea where I can go and get fucked.

1 month ago


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    • You can come to me and I’ll give you the experience of a lifetime that you will enjoy beyond your wildest dreams hit me up

    • Where are you located? And stats please??

    • I had surgery and ended up in the hospital after almost kicking the bucket. So the nurses put me in a bed with a monitor and no getting up. I had to pee, and called for the nurse. She wasn't bad looking, and about my age. So I tell her I have to pee. She hands me the plastic whatchamacallit and says there you go. I tell her i can't pee laying down. She says give me a minute and let me go get my aid. She comes back with this cute little black girl and they both help me out of the bed, flip my gown over my shoulder so I'm standing there naked. The nurse tried to hold the plastic cup thing under my dick while trying to hold me from one side. Her aid was trying to hold me from the other side, but I'm so sick I can hardly stand up, and I'm wobbling around trying to get my dick in the cup. Finally the nurse says to her aid, you are going to gave to grab it and hold it in the cup. Without even questioning or pushing back, this black girl grabs my dick and holds it the whole time I peed. Which by the way was very slow. It took about 10 minutes for me to pee, and this girl held my dick the whole time. They had to come back two more times in the night to do the same thing. I think the black girl liked it, because after the first time, she started coming in all the time to see if I needed anything, or just to check on me. She even fluffed my pillow and did other small things for me. I just liked having her handle my dick.

    • I love this fantasy and I wish it would happen to me I want to be ravished by big men who would be rough with me

    • I can help you with that maybe..

    • Why? You know some big men?

    • What about me? I can ravage you as good as the next guy....

    • Doubt that, Shorty.

    • I want to pump you hard a make deep long strokes in your ass doggy style with all 7 1/2 inch’s and shot my hot cum deep up into your sexy tight ass while my wife is under you sucking your dick and licking your balls as you beg me to cum inside your nice asshole while you cum in my wife’s mouth

    • Ooooohhh.... yes.... deep long strokes with your hard thick juicy mouth watering cock (which I would love e to have in my mouth) not sure why but I truly want you to really fuck me!! I have no idea what you look like all I know is I crave your cock up my ass! I don't know what your wife looks like either but she can do with my cock whatever she pleases... omg I wish you were inside me instead of this dildo that's pulsating and moving in n out... fuck me... please I'll do anything you want just fuck me and fuc k me good!! I'm cuuummmmmiiiiinnv v ggc d z

    • I do want to pound you in your ass and make you beg me to give up my cum to you and I will hold you tight back on my big dick as I cum inside you tinder asshole and I’ll hod the back of you head down as you lick my wife’s ass

    • And I'll bury my tongue as deep as I can up your wife's fine ass as I finger her wet pussy driving her to orgasm.. as she orgasms,so do i... shooting the biggest load I've ever shot! Stream after stream.... as I cum my ass tenses up with each shot and this sets you off so you give me one final plunge the deepest you've ever gone and explode as I feel your cock grow twice in size stretching my ass to the limit.. then pulse after pulse of your hot cum is injected so deep inside of me that I swear I can taste it!!! We all collapse with exhaustion ..... your cock "plops" out of my ass and your cum starts dripping out in a steady stream... going n going (you must have injected at least a pint of sperm into me and I loved every bit!!!

    • I want you to be my fuck toy and I’m going to fuck my wife and cum in her then you will lick and suck my cum from her pussy while I’m behind you fucking you like a wild animal and I’m going to cum in you beautiful round asshole so when you stand up my cum will run down both of your inter thighs and my wife will suck your cock as you stand there and you will cum in her mouth as I admire your nice red raw asshole with my cum running out and my wife licks it all up

    • Oh damn! You get me so damn hard with each msg!! What do you and your wife look like (I want to picture you in my mind when I jack off while dildoing my tight ass..

    • I’m 6 foot tall brown hair 185 pounds I have a nice curved cock very tan all over and waxed pubic area my wife is 5 foot 6 inch’s tall blond hair 125 pounds waxed pubic area great tan double D all natural tits I’m ready to fuck your ass till you beg me to hurry up snd cum as you lick my wife’s asshole and beg to be my cum dump

    • Yes!!!! Sounds like a damn great time to me... I really want to be your cum dump! I crave to have your cock deep up my ass as I crave to have my tongue buried deep inside your wife's wet tasty pussy!! Mmmmm. You just don't know how @#$%!&* bad I want you to fuck me!! If I was granted only 1 wish.. I wouldn't wish to be rich.. oh no... I would wish for your cock up my ass!!!

    • If you don’t mind my wife joining us I will let you suck me if she can suck you and I would love to fuck your ass as you eat her pussy

    • Yes... if it's OK with you and her I'm in. Yes fuck me please..... and I want you to cum up my ass to see what it feels like..

    • Yes she loves the bi play as much as myself and I would like very much to cum in your ass and I would like you to cum in my wife so I can lick your cum out of her

    • Alright then let's do this!!! Anytime you are ready.... this is going to be fun!

    • Where you from we really want to get with you

    • I sure hope you are close to me .... I'm in fresno county ca. With my luck you all are on the opposite side of the country.. I really want to suck your cock.... and for you to fuck me real good!!

    • Oh damn we in Houston Texas my wife and I had done got our hopes up my wife had just said she really hoped we could get together she wanted to suck your big cock while I pounded you in the ass

    • Damn! It figures... . Well we could still sext.. swap pics and videos... sure wish you would have fed me your hard cock and I really wanted to feel your cock expand and pulsate deep up my ass as you shot hot cum up my virgin ass... damn!! Damn!! Damn!! Send me some pics .. five five nine three nine three three eight five five via text msg please.... I'll send you some back

    • Will do my wife and I both would love to see you big cock

    • Two cocks. A pussy. Three asses. All filled with cum.
      I am so excited about this possibility.

    • And if you are ever near Fresno in ca... send me a message and I will come running !!! I'm a sure fuck for you... and please fuck me good and deep.... so deep I can taste you when you cum inside me!! I so badly want to see your cock and I want you to see mine as well as my tight ass (I'm almost completely hairless you know.... just a Lil bit of hair on my ankles otherwise no hair I shaved my cock n balls too.....

    • I would have loved to slid this 7 1/2 inch’s and about as round as a Red Bull can dick deep up inside you and cum all inside your ass as my wife sucks your dick and you shot cum in my wife’s mouth

    • Ohhh... you just gave me a serious hard on! Need to stroke it out with that image in my head..... God your thick cock would really stretch me out and make me cum so hard in your wife's mouth I'm so sorry but I can't help it... mmmm mmmmmm. Text me some pics... please..

    • I would really love for you to fuck my wife missionary and I come behind you and slide in your ass and fuck you hard as you fuck her hard and as you cum inside her I’ll cum deep inside you tight ass

    • Ooohhh. Damn that sounds hot!! I'd be deep up in your wife shooting my load as you have your meat buried deep inside thobbing with each squirt of cum you pump into me... mmmm. Wow I wish we're both closer to me you've got me so horny!!!

    • I wish we were too my wife thinks having your new dick deep in her and I think about that new tight asshole of yours with my dick deep inside you

    • Let's sext! Five five nine three nine three 38 five five... send me a pic of your cock plz..

    • Yes... fuck me ! Damn I want you to fuck me so bad!!! Describe yourselves to me so I can get a pic in my mind of us going at it as I pump my ass with my "throbbing cock" dildo I just purchased!

    • I’m moving up to reply

    • Well Well I would love to join the group party this is my dream and fantasy I've been thinking about trying a new one and will be my first time baby.

    • Join us suger

    • I really want to watch you cum in my wife’s mouth while I cum deep in your ass

    • Yes!!!!!

    • Where are you located....? You can text me five five nine it's easier three nine three and we can three eight swap pics five five if you like.....

    • Same but haven't acted on it in over 10 years. Now with Monkeypox, is that a good idea?

    • Good point..... but my urge gets stronger day by day..... I need to get fucked to satisfy my bi .curiosity.. not even sure I'll even like it.

    • I have it too because it's taboo and probably porn addiction. Men's asses, taints, balls and cocks are an obsession that really shouldn't be.

    • Well when I get up in the am all on my mind is.... is today the day I get fucked? Shower up real good ... get dressed and drive around 3/4 am hoping to see a horny man out on a dark county road with a raging hard on almost popping out of his shorts.... I'd pull over in a heartbeat and let him fuck me.... after I've tasted his cock of course...

    • You really are motivated.

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