Tight Yoga Pants

I'm man in my late 30's and I get so turned on by women in tight form fitting yoga pants. Women all over are wearing them these days. Hard for me to not get excited looking at all kind to asses. Big , bouncy, bubble, apple, pear shaped..all kind of them on display.
Went for grocery shopping and a woman was wearing tight but sheer pants and I could see her pink thong when she bent over to grab stuff from lower rack. Another woman was wearing white g-string under tight black slacks. Another teenager had big camel toe and cute little butt. Oh and that black women with bouncy wiggling ass to die for.
Some women let their panty line visible. Some are not even wearing anything under neath i guess. Always makes me wonder.
I got some good ones for my wife to wear as well. But I always make sure she is not showing any panty line of camel toe. She has good ass and I'm sure other men are checking it out.
Do other men also get turned on by women in yoga pants ?

1 month ago

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    • Went hiking with friends and her wife. Both minded and his wife were wearing tight cheeky yoga pants. Both have big bubble butts. At one point in the hike, while climbing stairs both women were two steps ahead of us and that meant both their big tight asses in sexy yoga pants were right in front of our noses. Me and my friend looked and each other and we both smiled looking at the view. I was imagining playing all four playing together. Such a turn on. (.y.)

    • Last weekend, we, two couples, went hiking in a state park. It was hot and the girls wore tight ass shorts. Both have gorgeous butts. After a few hours and drinking water, we all had to pee. So on the trail we watched eachother pee. I got extremely hard.

    • For most women those pants help look their bodies better but for some women with bad cellulite they aggravate the imperfections. Sorry but their ass does not look sexy in tight sheer yoga pants. They should consider wearing loose float skirts instead maybe.

    • My wife has one tight pants with secret crotch slit. We love having quickies when she is wearing them. She does look very hot in them cheeky ones and I get really horny when she wears them. Love grabbing her by ass and fuck her through that crotch pocket. Love them

    • My 40 year old stepdaughter turned up to visit straight from a gym visit her tight little ass in her black tight leggings.
      I couldn't keep my eyes off that ass since then I've masterbated over her many times, really need to fuck her too

    • Almost all women don’t buy them with the intention of getting male attention. We buy it for comfort and how they hide our imperfect butt and make it look good. It is hard to get good fitting as each woman has different ass size and shape but they make them in standard sizes. So all the talk about wearing too tight or sheer ones showing panties is because when we bought they were okay but our ass grew and now when we squat the fabric stretches more than it should and shown our thongs. So men listen up we didn’t buy them to give you free show of our ass and thongs .

    • But but but you still look sexy in them and we men can’t help but ogle at them. Good for everyone I guess

    • Being only male in a house with wife and two teenage daughters can be exhausting because I have to check their yoga pants and tops to make sure no camel toe or visible panty line or too much of cleavage. Every damn time any one of them is stepping out of home, I need to check. Oh and summers are worse . They all are wearing next to nothing inside house. All three of them in them small thongs and bralettes. It is hard to be a good father. It is hard to be not creepy.

    • I don’t say anything to my wife when she decides to wear her yoga pants bowling or to the mall. I enjoy too much watching men watch her every move and bend. Sometimes when she bends over, you easily see a string from her thong disappearing between the crease of her ass. Keep in mind that she has 38DDD tits that compete with yoga pants as to where guys are looking. When I stand back, guy will even position themselves to where they will take a photo of her. I’ve even walked up to guys as they are going out of their way to help her, and even when I walk up they keep talking and hand her a card, “Call me sometime if you need some help finding a correct fit on shoes”. Both of us noticing that the dude has a cock bulge developing while he’s measuring and handling her feet! She’s bad too because she enjoys teasing, leading them on and talking about them when she sucking my cock or on top riding the hell out of my cock!

    • My hot older sister loves the tight, ass and camel toe-highlighting yoga pants. Black is her favorite, but she also has white, pink, and an aqua blue, all of which are super-tight on her. Thong panties at best. I can suggest or tell her which ones I want her to wear, which started off as a joking comment in her apartment one day as she got ready to head out with me. I saw a pair on her bed, and told her "You should wear these today, for fun". She agreed, threw on the tight yoga pants and sexy crop top, and we were off for the day. She knows how tight they are and how her ass looks so perfect in them, and I've bought her several pair. Her view is "If you're paying for them, I'll wear them for you", including getting her a size smaller so they're really tight on her.

      When she wears a new pair that I get her, she'll fun model for me, turning around, ask how her ass looks, go ahead, give it a feel, they're really tight but comfy, and feel free to buy her more. I had her wear a pair of down one size, black yogas to an informal, casual grad party we were invited to stop by at, and suggested she wear her tight, low-cut orange tank top (it was a hot, humid day and she was all about staying cool if possible). As she congratulated the new grad, his friends gathered around her for their own hug and, most, full-handed grab and grope of her ass in those super-tight yoga pants. I told her in the car, those grad boys are going to be all over you, and she laughed, saying it will be fun, let them enjoy. She probably had a dozen boys grab her ass at that outside party. Hug her, thanks for congratulating me on graduating, oh and your ass is perfect, let me grab it. Was a fun day, and I've had her wear other tight yoga pants at similar gatherings.

    • Nah you lying loser

    • Wife mentioned one time that a male co-worker boldly asked her why she didn't have a panty line in her tight, thin navy slacks. She walked away and tossed over her shoulder that, "I don't wear panties under these so no worries about showing my panties"
      Yeah, that made me stiff..

    • What made you stuff? Fact that wide doesn’t wear panties under them or the coworker is noticing her ass and knows she is commando?

    • That's all we are looking at these days. I actually would love my to show camel toe but she wears pantie liners. A nice camel toe is extreme turn on . If I see a girl will try to make small talk . Don't be a tight ass let your wife sport the toe

    • I am 31-year-old married women. I wear yoga pants and semi sheer tops without underwear to the gym. I can feel every set of male eyes on me as I work out. I think it's hot LOL. You would never believe how many men, married, single, black, white, Hispanic, and Asian text me. If I had to guess how many have texted me from the gym, I would say 75. That is in four months. For the record I have only dated six of them. They were the best hunks at my gym.

    • Why are you married?

    • Yeah but now your just a hoe from the gym

    • I always come back horny from gym exactly because of this. Those cheeky pants are irresistible. Imagine got women squatting and bending in those tight fitting pants working on their butt shape. Gives me instant hard on. My wife thinks it's the blood flow from exercise at gym that is making me horny.

    • I'm a 22 year old female on the dance team in college. I have a pair of black dance leggings that are designed to be worn with a leotard or dance shorts over them because they are sheer. On the weekends, wear them without alone with cute white thong panties, a white spaghetti strap top and heels.
      I have a girlfriend and I love how it drives guys crazy to see my girlfriend and I making out on the dance floor while her hands are all over my butt and I'm bending down showing off my thongs. lol

    • The cheeky ones are die for (.y.) . I can't help but run to home and jerk off after I see women in those cheeky ones in gym or yoga class.

    • My latino girl friend has big ass and she wears those cheeky ones to our dates. Hard for me to keep my hands off of her ass.

    • Do women wear those sheer ones intentionally ? Do they know that those shows their panties or ass when they bend or squat ? Don't they check them before buying?
      I do squat check for my wife and it's a big no no if they show anything when she squats.
      Same with panties. I make sure she is not wearing anything underneath that shows off any visible panty line or camel toe.
      I know how guys are checking her out all the time.

    • I took a chance on a new brand of black leggings on Amazon. The reviews said fit true to size and nothing about being sheer when bending over. I bought two pair of size small. I did a squat check and they became transparent leaving nothing to the imagination.
      I'm 44 & admit to wearing them intentionally at the gym when my husband is not with me. I work hard to stay fit so I welcome the attention & compliments.

    • Is that an invitation by you to men to do something more than attention ?

    • If you're asking if I've ever cheated, NO. However, the guy I enjoy flirting with is 46, single and has actually gotten bold enough to grab and squeeze my butt before. He's the only person other than my husband to squeeze my butt like that. I was a little shocked at first but also became aroused.
      When my husband is not with me, Alan and I flirt and he can't keep his huge hands off my butt. lol Our flirting get's very heated at times too.
      My husband get rewarded in the bedroom.

    • You would like let Alan fuck your ass?

    • But eventually it will lead to you sleeping with Alan . So you're okay with cheating your husband ? Or long term plan is to bring Alan home and play with both husband and Alan ?

    • This is kinda on topic.
      I dated a guy and his dad would check me out when I wore tight yoga pants. I was hanging out until my bf left for work. I banged his dad.

    • I have one which shows off shape of cheeks of my bubble butt perfectly. I feel sexy and comfortable in them. Wear them all the time be it work, gym , running errands. Aren't they big teaser for men ?

    • These days I see lot of young women wearing very short tight stretchy pants specially in gym. Hard for me to not state at them . I fear I might get into trouble one day by losing self control and grabbing that ass one day. Help

    • Wife wears them all the time. They sure do make her ass and thighs look sexy. But let me tell you, her ass is not as firm and smooth as it appear in tight pants. They do hide imperfections very well and leave much to the imagination off us men. Well I'm not complaining. Plus it is a big turn on for both of us knowing that other men are ogling her all the time.

    • I'm a 37 single mom with a teenage son. I wear yoga pants and capris when his friends come over. I also wear mesh running shorts, mini dresses with heels too.
      I've overheard his friends make comments like "OMG! Your mom is HOT!" "I wish my mom looked and dressed like that."
      I enjoy the attention.

    • I'm 41 and wear thin yoga capri with pink sports thongs. I know when I bend over the fabric stretches and my thongs can be seen. lol
      I also enjoy the attention.

    • I love girls in tight yoga pants too. Those thin ones are especially hot. Panty or not, I'm jerking.

    • I'm 32 year old mother of two. I wear high rise tight yoga pants because they are comfortable and hides my body's imperfections. Getting attention from all kind of men is a big plus too. I usually do not wear anything under them most of the days. I know men check out my ass when I pass by them.

    • I'm 48, skinny, 4" 9' and wear size xs yoga capri. I only wear the expensive brands that leave nothing to the imagination.
      I do not wear panties.
      I do it all for the attention.
      I also eat healthy, vegan diet, run and do yoga daily.
      Again, I love getting attention from men.

    • YES why do you think they're doing it just to get us to look

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