Caught by my sister

I was living at my sister's house with her & her husband, I guess I should tell everyone that all my life I have wanted to be a girl. My sister & her husband worked during the day so I would dress as Joanne every day.
One day I decided to walk to the park which was four bocks away, I took a bubble bath & shaved my body, I polished my fingernails & toenails a bright red, I put on pink panties with a matching bra, suntan pantyhose, a black mini dress & black, three inch, open toed heels. I did my makeup but I didn't like the total look so I decided to pluck my eyebrows pencil thin with a high, feminine arch in them & I pierced my ears, I borrowed my sister's black, oversized hoop earrings & one of her black handbags. I put my shoulder length hair up in a bun then looked in the mirror, I looked great, just like an actual woman. I left the house & walked to the park. While at the park, a guy came over to me & started talking to me, I told him I was really a guy but he didn't mind. I told him where I lived & to come over tonight about 10:00p.m.
I went out into the backyard at 9:30p.m. & waited for him. When he arrived, I took him into the back deck, we started kissing & I took his cock out of his pants & started sucking it. When he was about to cum, he tensed up & knocked over the empty chair next to him, it made a very loud noise but I wanted his cum in my mouth badly so I never stopped sucking him. As he started to cum in my mouth, the back yard light came on & the back door flung open, in the doorway stood my sister, watching her brother who was dressed as a girl, sucking a guys dick. She didn't say a word, she closed the door & turned out the light. After we kissed each other goodnight, I went into the house, just as I finished locking the door, a light came on & my sister was sitting on the sofa waiting for me. After she looked me over, she told me I looked nice, she also told me that she had always knew that I dressed as a girl, I told her that all my life I wanted to be a girl & that I really liked boys, my sister told me that I could live as a girl if I wanted but I would have to let her husband fuck me & I had to suck his dick & eat his cum, I couldn't say yes fast enough. Since then my mother & father has met Joanne & I have a steady boyfriend.

4 months ago

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    • Good for you enjoy yourself cock is nice so just have fun

    • Your hole family is sick in the head, get help

    • You have no room to talk CHOMO!

    • Look in the mirror to see the real CHOMO ass hole.

    • Don’t get mad child killer. Just think what a fucking hypocrite you are for all to see on a public forum.

    • Who fucking cares! Nowadays all sexes crossdress and being gay is acceptable. Your fantasy isn't a turn on anymore. You got some dick good for you!

    • Thank you. Do those pre-teens give you enough dick?

    • You see what I mean by looking in the mirror sick fuck. You are the only one posting about sex with children. You are the CHOMO!

    • Of course you’re not bragging about killing young boys now that the FBI has your email addresses and location.
      Won’t be long before your faggot ass is stretched wider by Bubba and the guys in the penitentiary. OPEN UP, FAGGOT!

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