“Friend” p1mps me out

My husband and I have been married for roughly 7 years. Before I met him, The guy I dated got me into swinging and s3x clubs. I was nervous at first but as time went on, I really enjoyed it. Fast forward to meeting my husband...he is VERY VANILLA!!!! S3x at night, lights off, basically one position...missionary, 15-20 minutes and that was it. But I really fell in love with him and felt I could deal with the “mediocre” s3xlife. About 2 years into our marriage I met this guy and we started talking. Talking quickly turned to flirting, which immediately turned to S3X. ALOT OF S3X!!!!!!!! AMAZING S3X!!!!!!!! He is very well endowed and VERY DOMINANT!!!!!! I told him about my past boyfriend and how we would go to clubs and swing. He immediately took me out to a club and would walk me around call the guys until he decided on the perfect one and then take us back to a private room. When we do this, he completely dictates what goes on and how long it goes for etc. Onto the heading of my story, lately he has started finding guys to fvck me and they have been paying for my “service”. Roughly 4-5 times a week he arranges a guy (whether new or repeat) to have their way with me. And he still has his way with me multiple times a week.

My husband works out of town and has no idea this is going on. To him, I am his “plain Jane” wife who loves love making with him. Little does he know his wife gets p1mped all week while he is out of town.

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  • You realize you can type "SEX" on this site right?

  • Freaking millennials

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