It Just Keeps Getting Hotter.......

My wife and I married much later in life. She is in her late 40s and I am a few years older. She has had three children and her body is still tight and amazing. She is 5'2, 120 lbs, 34D blonde with strawberry blonde below that turns me on like no other has. She dresses well and turns heads everywhere we go especially when she wears leggings.
Just recently in the last few years our sex life has gone from great to super great, as we have both put a lot of effort into it. I work away from home and it is amazing when she texts me the sexiest nude pictures of her. It drives me wild and I get hard right away thinking about her.
I have a hotpast fetish with her and love the fact that she had her freedom in high school, college, then single life and then post divorce from her previous husband before me. Yesterday, I was at my office like most days. She was there earlier helping me and I let her rub my cock and then pulled her tights down to see that sexy p****. We text frequently and I later sent her a captioned picture about how often I think of her pleasuring another man in her previous years and how it turns me on. Not because of jealousy, but rather knowing my wife is a sexual being who is in touch with herself. I said, tell me about how promiscuous you were in your 20s. She said "I was. Always wanting it". She then shares a hot past story of when she worked as a bartender at a well known steak restaurant. She has told me how she use to often fuck the general manager there, but yesterday, she told me that she also fucked another older manager too. This is all being shared over text and at this point my dick is out and I am rubbing it. I ask her well... what happened next and I quickly get back that she invited him over to her apartment and they started fucking right then and she ended up on the carpet as he was pleasuring her and he ended up fucking her so hard that she had carpet burn on knees and back. I quickly lose it thinking about her like that. I get home later and she is so sexy and good looking that I told her I was going to fuck her tonight and have her finish the story as I came much too quickly. We get in bed and I start to grope her and become erect and she said let's fuck.
She has a way about her that makes me always want her and she knows how to take care of me. I woke up hard this morning and just laid there stroking my cock thinking about the past day. She enjoys to watch me. It is amazing to have a wife that keeps the fire going. I will be posting more stories in the future and will have her post her side of things as well.

4 months ago


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    • I woke up this morning and stroked my cock thinking about your woman and streamed cum all over myself. Not sure if real but loved reading this post. Please share more so I can fantasy about this lady.

    • This morning hubby got up early, got the kids ready and took the kids to school. This allowed me to sleep in a bit. I woke up to a quiet house and my pussy throbbing. I slowly started circling my clit. I was so wet! I was so turned on I wanted to take a shower. We have a handheld shower wand, so I knew what I was going to do. I grabbed my waterproof pink vibrator and turned the water on as hot as I could stand it. I sat in our shower seat and grabbed the shower wand. I spread my legs and inserted the vibrator. Oh my! I almost came then. As the vibrator was filling me up and hitting my g spot, I aimed the shower wand at my clit. The hot water felt amazing. I imagined my husband's dick in me while another man is licking my clit. The orgasm came in waves. I was bucking and moaning and screaming. I couldn't stop cumming! As I am typing this my pussy is ready for more...

    • ......I knew exactly what he had in store. I went into our room and locked the door behind me. In our bathroom is a black, satchel like bag with a lock, where we keep our stash of toys. We have vibrators, cock rings, popping candy, flavored lube, a dildo. All that I would need to have some sexy solo time. I decided on my short, skinny vibe that is completely silent, yet can give me the strongest climaxes. I took off all my clothes, and gave my nipples a few tugs and pulls. That did it. I slid in to our bed and grabbed my phone. I wanted to read a hot and sexy story to get me off, so I searched masturbating in front of crowd. The story I found was a husband and wife were watching a community adult soccer practice. They were sitting there and were noticing the players shorts were so thin, they could see their dicks and asses. They both were getting so horny, he took her in to the woods which was on the edge of fields, and told her to watch the players while stroking her pussy. She pretended they could all see her and she came imagining they were all masturbating watching her. That is when my vibrator made my eyes roll back and I let the orgasm take over. It is so hot to imagine being completely naked, spread eagle, rubbing my clit and teasing my hole while a group of hard, hot sweaty men stroke and rub and tug their hot cocks until they are cumming everywhere, all over each other. The power of controlling the orgasms of that many men is mind blowing.

    • Husband here... I love the fact that my wife loves her time alone and really love the fact that she is opening up and allowing herself to fantasize about really taboo things that get her off. She was raised in a home where sex was never mentioned and it created sexual repression and so therefore some shame and inner guilt for expressing her sexual impulses. Not any more, as she is completely into me, my desires, my fantasies and can express her own with me as she knows that at the end of the day, I love her deeply and I know she is a human being that is very sexual. She told me a while back that she really enjoyed watching orgies on porn and now that I read what she posted about getting off to a bunch of young hot men stroking their cocks as she is controlling them is really hot. I am a guy and she is definitely someone if I saw her that I would stroke my cock to. Her body is amazing and tight. As for brunch this morning, she wore leggings and a tight shirt that showed off her 34d tits well. As we were walking in, I told her she looked really good and that I wish she would have not worn a bra underneath so that her large nipples would poke through. She told me that she would work on that. She drives me wild.

    • It's me, the this morning, I rolled over and rubbed against my husband's hard cock. I immediately was ready. I kissed my way down his body until I was able to take him in my mouth. I spent several minutes slowly moving my mouth up and down, sucking. As he got more turned on, he grabbed my hair and forced his way all the way to the back of my throat. I gagged but that just turns my husband on more. When he was almost ready to explode, I slowly lowered myself on to his now throbbing dick. I rode him fast and then slow, moving my hips in circles and then up and down, repeatedly. As his climax was building, I turned around to face away from him. I leaned over onto my elbows so he could see my ass and watch as his massive dick moved in and out of my dripping pussy. Damn I am getting wet again just typing this. I just kept moving up and down on him, driving his cock all the way in until he came so hard he couldn't stop saying my name. As soon as the cum shot inside me, I immediately orgasmed and my clit just throbbed for minutes. Mmmmm. We fell asleep for a couple of hours and then decided to go out for brunch. After eating we came home and he said I want you to go lock yourself in our room, grab your vibrator and get in the bed naked.....

      To be continued...

    • My wife tells me stories about her college days and her dating life right before we met. She told me it was always just one guy at a time, she never cheated on any of her lovers.
      But her escapades were sure wild.
      Like the time in college, she went with her then boyfriend to a strip club, he asked her to go up there and do a show. The place was topless, G-string required, and her show was pretty hot, she is a redhead, with a close to perfect body.
      The manager asked her to stay after hours and put on a real show, so we stayed, along with a dozen other guys. Not illegal in our State as long as no drinks are served.
      She was tugging on my dick as she told me she got completely naked and masturbated for the audience.
      So, I asked her if she would do that for me, she said "Sure!" with an evil grin.
      I am reasonably sure she will, we go to a place called Rooster Rock in the summer, a nude beach.
      The guys sure do look, she is a natural redhead.

    • Thanks for the comment. I am certain that was a hot experience that keeps you all going. My wife is blonde but has strawberry blonde pussy hair and it is so hot and different from previous lovers and so much sexier. I was looking at my wife get ready as I showered yesterday morning and she was yawning and stretching and became erect just looking at her hot body. Perfect ass with 34d tits with eraser size nipples. She would turn many heads and make a lot of erect cocks if ever at a nude beach.

    • Bull shit
      Try again fake cake lady balls!

    • To wife: please post some of your hottest stories here. I'm expecting a series of them! πŸ˜‹πŸ‘

    • We have role played a fantasy where my wife masturbates in front of a crowd while they all jack off watching her. She then sucks a rock hard cock while I watch and jack off.

    • Sounds sexy! We both enjoy reading erotica and talk about our fantasies such her showing off and masturbating in front of an audience.

    • I am the wife in this post and he isn't even grazing the surface of how hot our marriage is. I have always been sexual but never really in tune with my sexuality as I have become over the last 10 years of our marriage. We role play, use toys, sext, send photos and videos, etc. He is always encouraging me to masturbate and fantasize about scenarios that are what most would consider taboo. My husband is manly. There is nothing feminine or soft about him. He is an outdoor guy who is all male. So our favorite fantasy is he sends me to a masseuse who uses his hands to bring me to orgasm while my husband watches. And then when the masseuse finally enters me, my husband comes up behind him and slips his dick inside him. I cum so hard every time. We also have fantasies where I do my boss while my husband watches. The fantasies go on and on. The best part is our sex life reads like we are swingers or overly promiscuous, but the reality is, all of that sex is just between the two of us. I highly recommend that married couples communicate and get mentally lost in your spouse. The rewards are endless!!

    • This is so great and soooo very hot. Sometimes I wonder if my husband and I are the only couple who love to play this way. We have been married over 25 yrs, raised our two children and kept the flames hotter than ever between us. We schedule he and I time and therefore we have ample time to get the fire hot leading up to that. I will often send him links to videos for us to watch and definitely love showering him with naughty pictures and erotica. I love the thought of my husband masturbating at work as it would put me over the edge, but unfortunately he is surrounded by too many co-workers. I am in and out of our home all day, so I have plenty of time to take care of my needs daily and love to let him know what I am doing. Our friends would never believe the stuff that we are into and maybe that is why their marriages are so very boring to us! I am so thankful that I can share this life we have with my husband and am always wanting to keep him thinking of me and us. He loves it and we often wonder if we will still be like this when we are in our 70's. I bet we will. Look forward to more....

    • Yes, this is so hot. Can’t wait for more stories as this resonates with me and my wife.

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