Last night my wife came home with company

Last night my wife came home with some of her friends from work and we all started drinking like no tomorrow.
After a little while I was feeling really good and horny . And thinking about how can I get all her friends naked and let me suck on their cocks and have my wife watching me give them blow jobs in front of her . She really gets so turned on watching me sucking a mans hard dick. And sometimes she will wait for him to Cumm in my mouth and have me swap his load between our mouths and swallow his load together while he will watch us with his load inside of mouths and just give us a look of approval . That’s when her other friends get involved in the mix and my wife and I will take turns sucking the other guys dicks and have them fuck both of us at the same time and really enjoy watching each other getting their ass’s pounded with no mercy at all. And if I am really lucky she will get on top of my face and have me licking her pussy while she shucking my dick ass the 2 of us are getting fucked together and 1 of them will pull out of her and put his dick inside of my mouth and have me clean up all of their juices off of his dick and start fucking her til he shoots his load inside of her pussy and let me swallow all of their hot juices into my mouth and swallow every bit . And then she’ll take my load into her mouth and she will make me swallow my own load of Cumm from her mouth into my mouth and start kissing me with my Cumm inside of our mouths . And let them watch us enjoying my load inside of our mouths and see them grin with eyes wide open . We love to do that To do tho to the guys that Cumm to our house to fuck us . That’s how we make them stay hard as a rock. So we get more use out of them. The more Cumm that we can milk out of them the better for me .

7 months ago

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    • 20 years ago at my wife Lynn Company picnic I was seated next to her boss Joan and her husband. Joan 48 was smitten. we just met. Lynn said she was a real conservative but not overly bossy. Each beer she had her hand goes up my leg more as we chatted. I'm not discouraging her -- have my hand above her knee. She has a summer mini, some cleavage showing up top. Her hand brushed my dick -- I'm hard as a rock. As luck with have it Lynn and her husband play horseshoes. The rest of the table mingles. Joan is freely massaging my my hard dick. I move her legs apart, get under panties and finger her. She's wet as an otter's pocket. She has nice mature pussy, I could work 4 finger in, settle for 2. She says I wish I could suck your dick. I said how about in the car. She said next Saturday we'll go for a ride, I'll give you a blowjob then. We'll me at this obscure park. We don't have each other's private numbers. The receptionist where I work said there's an instant woman who wants to talk to you -- of personal nature. Tell her you won't talk to me unless you give your real name, and what the personal business is -- that's my boss's orders. Figuring she won't say this is Joan, and I want to cancel the blowjob I promised your boss. I'm pretty sure. So I go to park figuring she probably won't show -- but she does - .5 hour late. She admits she tried to cancel, but I'll do what I promised (reluctant) -- I said you can cancel now, just give me a kiss. The kiss goes wild, we're soon naked and fucking like prom night in the back of the van. She has nice full pussy, perfect for my big dick. FWB for 3 years - once a month. Something about fucking your wife's 50 year old married boss -- the forbidden fruit doesn't get more forbidden. I sorta like when the desk clerk rolls her eyes at the mismatch.

    • I can trade pictures of my wife

    • Probably pics of your grandma

    • LOL

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