Giving a man much pleasures

I’m a man that loves to give oral pleasures to men with nice hard cocks . I really enjoy taking a mans soft cock inside of my mouth and start sucking on his cock and get him hard inside of my mouth . The harder he gets the harder I suck his cock . I like to make love to his cock . Lick it up and down I’ll take my tongue and work it around the head of his cock . The way they look at me when I do that on their cocks . I love it when they are about to Cumm inside my mouth and let all of their hot load squirt all of the way down my throat and swallow every drop of it . The felling of his Cumm hitting the back of my throat is such a intense feeling. Just thinking about a man shooting his load inside my mouth is making me get hard !

1 month ago

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    • We get it you half-bright twit ! You love sucking cock ! Sucking a soft cock you've taken into your mouth, getting it hard in your mouth, well DUH, you goot gobbling naffin ! Was it going to get hard in your nose ? Ok, don't answer that.
      You love cock snot so much you've given it the uppercase designation of Cumm. How respectful, how stylish, how stupid ! Go suck more cock, and post less on here.

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