Wife's bday request

My wife and I have been married 15 years. We enjoy a pretty healthy sex life. We have had a few threesomes. We know another couple that we have partner swapped a couple times. Not swapping husband's either. This couple we swap opposite. Husband's fuck each other and wives fuck each other. My wife, Sandra, masturbates just about every day.

So a week or so before her bday we were showering together. She said, "So my bday is next week." I said, "Yes it is. What did you want to do?" She said, "I dunno if I want to say." I said, "Sex related?" She said, "Yeah." I said, "You've seen me get bent over and fucked in the ass by Jeremy. You can tell me whatever perverted sex fantasy you want to do." She said, "Ok. Well, I want to diversify our sex life." I said, "I'm all for it. In what way?" She said, "I want to have a friend's with benefits relationship." I said, "So not a once or twice type thing?" She said, "No. Like a permanent thing." I said, "How often are we talking?" She said, "Ideally? Like 3-4 times a week but if they happen to go out of town or whatever no big deal." I said, "3-4 times a week? Wow!" She said, "Just when you are at work. You work a lot of hours during the week and between work and sleep, you don't want sex during the week. I masturbate but it's not enough." I said, "Another woman?" She said, "No. Another man. A guy I work with." I said, "How do you know he's interested? Or if he's married?" She said, "He's not married and he's definitely interested. He's been flirting pretty heavy for the last month. I came really close to going home with him a few nights ago but I didn't want to do it without telling you." I said, "How close?" She said, "We made out in his car and hands in pants." I said, "You really want to fuck this guy?" She said, "Omg, I really do." I said, "One condition." She said, "Anything." I said, "Use the security cam from the hallway to record it so I can jack off to it." She said, "Done."

4 months ago

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    • Soo... has it happened yet? Details!

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