Mommy's knee

To most this will probably seem off but i m a married guy with grown up daughters but at least once a week I go to my mummy for a good old fashioned spanking my wife is very vanilla I have always been into spanking and my mummy always enjoyed doing it ,I find it very embarrassing at my age over mummy knee she's 72 and always wears tan or black tights with open toe slippers and her red painted toes I love my bare bottom spanked with her hand and slipper til it's very red and she teases me saying if all my friends could see me or my wife and daughter,mabey there is more guys like me but most won't admit to it

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  • Yes, my mum still spanks me when I go to visit her. She's 73 yrs old and Im a 46yr old father of two, but she feels that I still need discipline from her.

    I put on an adult nappy before I visit because she still thinks of me as her baby.

    I dont know if I should tell my wife. What do you think?

  • I have often thought about telling mine but big risk I suppose glad you are like me though

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