Dreams do come true

I been a lucky man as have a great lady as my housekeeper helper etc but a few weeks back she had an accident and now got rotor cuff injury and i been going to hers well we was talking and she was not happy the pain and how made things difficult to do dressing showers etc well as a gentleman i said i help anyway i could if wanted well she said needed a bath hair washing would i be comfortable helping there sure i said well i made us a drink and we were drinking when she jumped up saying forgot bath running and she went sort out and few min later called me did not expect to see what i did she run bath had everything ready so she looked at me saying you ok helping getting her undressed and get in bath wash her hair and back well found attractive so was plusure after washed hair and was about rinse of but she said she dunk down so i let her when it happend to get head under water she had move down bath and rais knees to get room and as she lie down noticed that she had spread legs and pussy and boobs on full show then when she sat up qsked as arm hurting can i wqsh front help save legs i sqid ok got have nice fondle of boobs doing then lifting a leg to bath top pointed out a razor and asked start on legs starting fet i moved up to knees when she lifter leg up agine so could shave top legs and then she pointed out need lady parts trimed so started do that when she gasp looking at me saying sorry but not had man tuch that area few years and she got a twich from me ding but dont worrie carry on about a mininet or 2 later she said making her twich there how would i like wash that part who am i to say no so started cleaning when felt her spreading legs and taking my hand and saying look what you doing putting my fingers by entrance she said feel whats happing that when noticed she was getting wet and relaxed down there saying did not mean for that to happen well she qsked me help out and for me god sort couple drinks and weed smoke out calling into her asking if needed hand dressing but she was behind me saying no i just keep towl around herself so we sat on settee and she sat at end facing me smoking weed and was flashing herself to me asking if up for it how like lick her i was sure love to but then she said not fair she naked and im not so best get naked to and if sorts her good who knows well was good evening and night took her mind of pain for while due to few orgasms and me getting enjoy as well given her a creampie after we sat chatting smokong when she said was not looking forward to time it take to heal but now if i was willing help shower dress and give plesure would make enjoyable so now looking forward next bath night

19 days ago

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