Do you know who busted your cherry?

I don’t know who took my virginity. I accepted a ride with several boys to another after prom party. They pulled over to the curb and as I was on my knees vomiting out the window someone lifted my skirt, pulled my panties aside and inserted his cock. I was in a drunken haze but remember when he finished. I think most of them took a turn with me. Several boys had my virgin blood on themselves but I’ll never know who was first. I wish I did know.

20 days ago


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    • Know what you mean. In the 50s I was drunk at a drive-in theater in West Texas. I passed out but each time I would awake a boy was between my legs. I remember more than a couple boys there but cannot say how many had me. I was too intoxicated to receive any pleasure or pain(if there was any). Also I can’t say who was first to enter me. There was much blood on the car seat. I was a virgin when my date picked me up but far from it and still very drunk when he walked me to my door.

    • Did you continue to date your boyfriend? Did you marry him? I watched my wife being fucked by six of my dorm mates before I fucked her. The next day I asked her out and after college I asked her to marry me. She asked me if I wanted to marry her after seeing other guys fuck her and I said that I did. We have been married over 40 years and I still get hard when I think of watching the guys fuck her before me.

    • I enjoy the feel of a vagina clenching me each time the woman gags or heaves.

    • My cousin was the first anal. Girl in massage parlor was my first vaginal. Wasn't as good as she just laid there doing nothing.

    • How many boys fucked you this time and since then?

    • Just wait a while. It won't be long until the story of you being fucked will be all around your high school. Eventually the guy that got your virginity will brag about it and everyone will know who did it.

    • Hope your right. Good thinking.

    • Why don't you ask one of the guys to go on a date with you? I'm sure that he will accept since knowing that you have been fucked you most likely would fuck him. After a while you could ask him if he had fucked you while you were drunk after the prom. Eventually you can ask him if he took your virginity and if not who did and how many fucked you before him.

    • Excellent suggestion.

    • Texas infant dies in sexual assault, father charged
      An autopsy found the 9-month-old was sexually assaulted and died during the attack
      A Houston man faces capital murder charges in connection with the death of his 9-month-old daughter, whose body investigators said showed signs of sexual assault.
      Harris County sheriff’s deputies went to an apartment complex just after midnight on Aug. 24 for reports of an unresponsive infant, according to authorities.

      When they arrived, emergency medical workers already were treating the child, identified as Savayah Mason – but she was pronounced dead at the hospital.

      A Harris County Institute of Forensics autopsy found that she had been sexually assaulted and died of asphyxiation during the attack, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.

      Authorities launched a homicide investigation and interviewed her father, 23-year-old Luis Luna. On Monday, they charged him with capital murder in connection with his daughter’s death. He was taken into custody without incident.

      “Heartbreaking,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez tweeted after the arrest. “Worst type of cases. May this little angel rest in peace.”

    • Cool story, Bruh.

      Fake news!

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