Stepdaughter and mother

Friday night is me time,I work long hours all week and finish early on a Friday afternoon,I treat myself to 3 grams of the finest Colombian snow,my wife doesn't have a clue that I do it,anyway this one Friday my wife and her daughter,( my stepdaughter) decided to go out on the razz together,fucking great I thought more peace for me! They got dolled up to the nines and I dropped them into town at 7:30,I got home tipped out all my coke and made about 20 lines up not expecting them to come home until the early hours,shock horror 11:30 the front door opens !! Fuck me im done goes through my head,in to the living room they both come,I've got lines racked up everywhere!! Omg John says my stepdaughter Sophie is that coke? I wasn't going to lie I was caught red handed! John what the fuck are you doing said my wife!! Leave him be mum says Sophie,have you ever tried it mum? No I bloody well haven't im 44 years old im not about to now!! You could see by the look on her face she was bouncing,cmon mum try it,it's fun! So you've tried it before Sophie asked her mum? Yeah a few times it makes you feel great! I can tell you I had no objections!! Sophie is 19,a fitness trainer and absolutely gorgeous,she picked my £10 note up and snorted a line!! Fuck me!! Go on mum try it! I can't believe you've talked me into this said my straight boring wife,I couldn't believe she'd sniffed a line,for all of you out there that have never done coke! Well let me tell you it makes you horny as fuck!! Sophie did another line and so did my wife,they put the music channel on and start to dance!! Cmon John get up Sophie said!! I wasn't going to say no!! I was in the middle of the two of them, my hands were on my wifes ass dancing to some old school beats! She was backing onto me and Sophie was the other side of me! With her hands on my hips,I could feel it was getting sexier,Sophie was pushing my hips into her mothers behind!! Obviously I started to get a bit of an erection!! Fucking hell my stepdaughters hands moved from my hips to my crotch!! Mmmm you getting hard John she said?? With that my wife turned around and grabbed my crotch too !! Amazing what a bit of coke does!! My wife turned back around Sophie undoes my button! Look at mums hot ass John you'd love to fuck her wouldn't you?? My cock is out by this point! I'm dry humping my Mrs,take her jeans off John you know you want to!! I reached around and undid her buttons,pull her jeans down,my wife is bent over our settee im behind her with a big hardon and my stepdaughter is behind me telling me to fuck her!! I turn my head,Sophie is doing another line of coke! She winks at me and pull her little dress over her head! What a sight,the skimpiest thong on and a lacy bra,the unbelievable happened next,she came from behind me put her hands on her mothers bum and said stick your cock in there John!! I watched as she put her hand between her mothers legs rubbed her pussy and guided my cock into her mothers hole,I think my wife was oblivious that her daughter had rubbed her pussy!!! As I fucked my wife I turned my head to Sophie who was sitting on the chair more or less behind me! She opened her legs and started playing with her pussy!! She was totally shaved,she took her thong off showing me everything!! I managed to swing my wife around a bit so that she could see! You like that cock in your pussy mum Sophie dirtily said? Mmm fuck yes what do you think?? Fuck her John go on fuck her! Sophie reached for my hand and put it on her cunt! I rammed 2 fingers in her pussy as I was fucking her mother,I told you coke was fun mum Sophie told her!! I pulled my cock out of my wifes pussy,lay on the sofa and play with your cunt like your daughter is I said to my wife!! Wow mum your pussy is really hairy Sophie said as I stood in the middle of them wanking!!you want to fuck her don't you John my wife said!! I love cocaine!! Sophie coaxed me over to her and I slowly shoved my cock into her smooth cunt and started pounding her,the dirty slut was telling her mother how jealous she was of her getting my cock all to herself,does he fuck you in the ass mum? My wife still playing with her cunt on the sofa replies ask him yourself!! Well do you John? You better believe it girl I said! Show me I wanna see!! Sophie pushed me back,got up from the chair and grabbed a cushion and put it under her mothers bum! I want to see John's cock up your arsehole mum you tart!! I knelt down and offered my cock to my wifes ass!! Her face winced as she took it,she rubbed her clit at the same time only for Sophie to take her hand away and rub her mothers clit for her! Mind blowing!! Not only did she rub her pussy she puts two fingers up her cunt while im in her ass! You like that mum you slut!! Sophie pulls her fingers out of her mothers cunt and puts them in her mouth!! I want your husband up my ass now mum! Tell John you want him to fuck your daughter!! Groaning with pleasure my wife looks at me grinning and says to me fuck my daughter in her asshole!! OK hun !! Sophie was already bent over waiting for my Cock! Boom! It slipped in with ease,I gripped Sophie by her hair and told her I want to see her lick her mothers cunt! Now or never I thought!! John you dirty pervert my wife gasped!! Its OK mum I want to if you're OK with it?? Holy fuck,my wife layed in front of her daughter as I fucked her ass! Sophie lapped away at her mother's hairy bush,stick your fingers in her holes Sophie,two in each hole! Her mum was in extasy,im gonna cum now I said,I pulled out and shot a massive wad of cum up Sophie's back!!! The joy of cocaine!!

19 days ago


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    • Gotta get my wife and step daughter high on coke fuck them both

    • HOT!!

    • Woooooow that’s a good story I want more

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