Cheating with wife, mother, sister and cousin

I Have been cheating on my wife for over 8 years and I don't plan on stopping.
I have affairs with her mother(concha) and her sister( Karen) and her cousin lilly.
My first affair was with my mother in law it was a little scary at first but we made it work in our favor.
There was something about concha that really turned me in a really sexual way.
I started going to visit her as much as I could and started flirting with her which she really enjoyed.
I began hugging her when I arrived at her house and when I left her house.
Two hugs hi and bye hugs were getting a little more affectionate every time.
I started to put my arms around her as much as I could.
I would stand behind her with my arms not on her shoulder anymore.
My hugs were around her chest.
I would move the hugs down her chest until I was feeling boobs.
After I got my fill of conchas saggy boobs I moved down.
I would put my arms around her stomach and waist.
I started to pull her close to me with my hands on her lower back as I inched my hands down getting closer to her ass.
The next thing you know I have my hands on her big ass.
My hugs were more hands than hug.
My hands were now getting into her clothes feeling her saggy boobs, down the back of her pants grabbing ass and eventually the hands made there way into the front of her pants and into her granny panties as my fingers made it in her hairy pussy.
After fingering her a handful of times the pants finally came off and the sex began.
My next affair was with Karen I had always crushed hard for her.
When Karen would come home to visit I made sure that she stayed at my house.
I spoiled her with shoulder massages and worked my hands into her shirt rubbing her back and worked my hands to her boobs.
Besides massaging her back and her front my fingers did there magic as they massaged her ass and legs.
The magic fingers made the pants come off.
Feeling her soft naked body from her head down between her legs.
Before the sex part, I slowly started with a simple foot massage.
Slowly turned into more than a massage.
I was not using my fingers as much, but I was using my lips as I slowly kissed her toes, which I started sucking her toes and licking her sexy feet.
Now we were ready for the sex and it was and still continues to be some of the best sex I have had.
I was not just pleasuring concha sexually I was also sexually pleasuring Karen as well.
I wanted to make sure I was satisfying there sexual cravings.
Lily and I have been really close, and it started out a few years back that she was having a big gathering of family and she needed someone to help her cook and I am still glad up to this day that my wife volunteered me to help.
We connected the first day I was there to help.
She is really flirtatious and real touchy feely person.
We cooked and flirted with each other the first time I was there. the flirts were hands on me and hands on you.
Which turned into more than just hugs.
We made sure to use our lips as well and the kisses on the lips, moved down the neck into her shirt and onto her nipples as I kissed my way down her.
Lily and I haven't gotten to the sexual part of our affair yet but we have been slowly making our way to the sexual pleasures.

25 days ago

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    • I fucked my mother in law, both my sister in laws, and my wife's niece, I was fond of the family, I enjoyed fucking my mother in law the most, even more than my wife, all the women in this family loved sex, my wife and one of her sisters were bi sexual the others loved to suck cock and fuck, all were nice looking, I was a lucky man.

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