I Cheated and I don’t feel guilty

My husband and I have been married for just over 4 years now. We haven't been intimate in bed in over a year. I know that he' been working a lot of hard long hours lately. But when he is home, he pays no attention to me. All he does is watch sports on TV, or sleep. I've tried sexy clothes, lingerie, even walked around the house in just bra and panties. Nothing seems to get his attention, not even when I come to bed naked and try to suck his cock. He just rolls over and goes to sleep. Every night before he comes to bed, he spends about an hour in the bathroom. So one evening I just barged in on him. He screamed at me to get out, I refused too. There he was totally naked masterbating with a pair of girls dirty underwear. Way to small to be mine, I've gotta a little bit chunky since we got married. Plus he was watching some skinny ass school girl masterbating on his phone. I screamed, who is that on your phone, and where'd you get those panties from? Well the girl on the phone was some cam sex phone girl, and he'd bought the dirty panties off the internet. I told him he has a real person right here to have sex with, and that he had better start, or I was going to find it somewhere else. He looked right at me and said, good luck with that, who's going to want that fat ass. He said he still loved me, just wasn't turned on by me anymore. I was so mad I slept in the spare bedroom till Friday. Friday night I put on the tightest outfit I had, and yes I kind of looked a little slutty. Told my husband I was going out, and he didn't' even seem to care. I went to one of the local college clubs, went in a parked my ass on a stool at the bar. It wasn't long before a nice young man asked me to dance. We danced a coupleof fast songs, then sat and talked over a few drinks. Maybe a few more drings then I should have, but I needed to get my nerve up for what I hoped was going to happen. One of the last songs of the evening was a slow song, he asked me to dance again, and I said yes. OMG, he heald me so tight, it felt so nice, it had been a long time since I was held like that. Then he started kissing my neck, this is when I lost it. I closed my eyes, whispered in his ear, make love to me. That's all it took, we left the club, headed back to his place, but never made it. I was all over him while he was trying to drive. He finally pulled over and parked way in the back of the Walmart parking lot. We jumped in the back seat, and just went at it. My panties were so wet when I took them off, you could have wrang my juices out of them. I have never had any man eat my pussy the way he did, I don't know if was because it had been so long, or he was just that good. He brought me to one massive orgasim. Then when when he slid his cock into me, my eyes rolled back in my head and I was in heaven. His cock wasn't as big as my husbands, but he sure knew how to work it. He probably only fucked me for about 15 minutes before he was ready to cum. He started to pull out and I stopped him, I told him it was okay, he could cum inside me. I'm not on birth control, but I want to start a family anyway. When he came I had another great orgasim, that felt like someone was sending twohundred thousand volts through my body. My legs woulded stop shaking. Once I was able to get back in the front seat he took my back to my car and I went home. When I got my husband was asleep in front of the TV. I went to the bedroom, took my clothes off, put on a tee shirt, and got in bed. Realizing that I left my panties on the rear floor of his car. I layed in bed dipping my fingers in his cum leaking out of my pussy and licking them off. Thinking about how I proved my husband wrong, and don't feel the least little bit guilty about it either.


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  • You girls are the best. I'm a big girl myself, never been married. I'm 5'8", 235#, 42DD Breasts. I have never had a problem getting laided when I want it. But I will never let any man abuse or mistreat me.
    However did gave a guy tell me once that fucking a fat girl was like riding a moped, a lot of fun, just don't let your friends see ya. Well I fucked him till his testicles shriveled up. Then broke he nose and left

  • After my husband cheated I stop putting out for him,he was crap anyway.My best friend got me laid by a guy she had before.She knew him from the gym and said he was definitely the biggest she's ever had.And I can say it was my first time having a monster cock and being fucked by a real man.I have to say I didn't regret it and never felt guilty,even after the 20th time.

  • This happened to me with my husband after our second child. I just had a really hard time losing the weight I gained while pregnant. He lost all interest in me no matter what I did to try to get him going nothing worked. I even caught him in our den jerking of to porn and when I tried to play with him he pushed my hand away and told me to go back to bed, he wanted private time. That night I was crushed and cried myself to sleep. We hardly spoke for a week then I asked what it was about me that he was so turned off he would rather masturbate then have sex with me. He responded by asking if I had looked in the mirror lately, he then told me he wasn't in to fat girls. Again I was crushed hearing that but also irate .I blurted out that its been six months since we had sex and I was tired of taking care of myself. If he didn't want to fuck me I would find another man that would . He simply said, have fun! That weekend I took the kids to my parents house. had my hair high lighted and bought a new outfit. I looked and felt sexy all dressed up. I went into the den and asked him what he thought about my outfit and if he wanted to help me take it off . He never looked away from the tv. So I said this is your last chance before I go out looking for man . Again this time kind of daring me , he said ,go a head I won't wait up. I was still in the drive way when I sent a text to an ex co worker who had been hitting on me for years. Twenty minutes later he was fucking me from behind while telling me how hot I was. I sucked him hard after the first time and then rode his cock the second time. I was home three hours after I left and my husband kind of gloated that I must have struck out. I brushed my hair to the side as I was taking off my top ,he saw the hickie on my neck then the one on my breast when I took my bra off. He got pissed that I fucked another man but I told him he was the one who told me to go have fun.

  • At least you have you children, as a result of your marriage. I don't even have that. A little over a year ago when I started wanting to have children and start a family, is about the time my husband stopped wanting to have sex with me. He hasn't paid a lot of attention to me since. Well this is how bad it is, I haven't been on birth control in over a year, and I'm still not pregnant. Well hopefully that will change here soon. Because I'm going to get pregnant and start a family, either by husband or stranger.

  • How long ago was this? How did you and your husband recover from that? Just curious. Like I said to the OP, I slowly developed a preference for fat girls. I’m married now and I have a few friends who are fat women. Their husbands all sound like yours and if I wasn’t married I’d be at their disposal to do whatever they wanted and needed done!

  • Good for you, keep it up.

  • Thank you

  • You go girl. Only thing you should have done differently is when you came home, you should have planted your cum filled pussy right on his face.

  • Thank you for understanding

  • Yeah, a woman being a little chunky definitely isn’t a turn off for a lot of men. As you found out. Once I started having sex with fat girls i realized I liked it more and more and before long the only girls I’d have sex with were fat girls. And they’ve gotten fatter and fatter over the years.

    Married now, to a fat girl. It’s awesome and I notice guys still check her out. More guys like fat girls than want to admit it. Good for you for finding out firsthand!

  • I wouldn't really classify myself as fat, just gotten chunky. I've went from a size 4 to a size 8-9 in 4 years. Butt and waist has gotten bigger. Wish my boobs would get bigger, still only a C cup. I've always wanted huge boobs.

  • The truth is honey, a lot of guys like a woman with some curves and meat on her bones. We are "taught" to portray the norm and drool over the unrealistically skinny bitches they show us on TV.

  • Sorry, I didn’t mean to call you fat. I think you sound great, big boobs or not! And at a size 8-9 I guess I wouldn’t consider you fat either. My wife is a 26.

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