Me at work

Hello how to start i am a happy married lady in my 40s i wofk in a restaurant witch is great i like it very much everything was fine up to about a month ago when this young lad who is 19 started working with us his always joking and flirts with me i could not see any harm in flirting back witch was fine at first but its growed and he as a crush on me will be honest i found it funny but nice the poor lad as got out of hand now and is literally begging for me to suck his cock i have tried putting him off don't want the poor young man to lose his job so thinking of doing it any advise welcome

1 month ago

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    • Yeah don't forget to swallow. No doing a lewenski wash the dress after.

    • Do you want advise on how to do it discreetly?

    • Just do hem suck he,s brains out from he,s cock

    • Yes! Tell him if he doesn't stop right now! Not only will you go to his boss, but his parents and the police for sexual harassment.
      Explain he will lose his job and get arrested and end up a registered sexual offender for the rest of his life.
      Explain how he is about to fuck up his life forever is he continues to do that.

      Then if he doesn't stop then have him arrested and fired. You will be free of him and you might save someone else from going through that.
      No means No!

      If you are for real then don't listen to the people here saying suck him or fuck him as that will only lead to a stronger want for you. Then the stalking will start and that can and does end up in murder. Nip it in the bud and put an end to it!

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