Virgin mouth

I’m an older fellow and with very mature tastes. I have been having the crazy urge to suck a cock. I guess when you get to the point in life that you have done everything sexual with a female you start to think, am I missing something by not doing something sexual with another man.
For the first time I just don’t want to just suck any cock, I want it to be very special.
I have looked at photos and videos of men with circumcised cocks and men with uncircumcised ones. The uncircumcised cocks really intrigue me. To me an uncircumcised cock, besides being the most beautiful part of the male body excites me to no end. It’s all I think about. How I would make love to it, lick it up and down, take the whole cock down my throat and feel that extra skin over it just sliding. Of course I would be very gentle because I know how sensitive a uncircumcised cock is but that’s the best part because I would make it cum quickly and I would keep licking and sucking until it came again.
I feel that circumcised cocks would be good just for quick blow job.
That would be ok too. I just want to suck a cock. Any size, any color.

1 month ago

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