My wife and our doggo

Our pitbull licked my wife's pussy while we are watching TV on sofa! I didn't cared about it! Long story in short MY WIFE AND OUR PITBULL ARE ENGAGED IN RAMPANT SEX ALL DAY LONG! She said it was her long unfulfilled fantasy to get fucked by dog and she said she loves me and our pitbull equally!
Can anyone tell me should I permit our pitbull to fuck my wife on our bed or not?

1 month ago

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    • Yes we have a lab and he is well endowed he fucks my wife all over the house I help him get in her most of the time he always knots in her asshole or pussy it’s fuck hot dude

    • High time you get a bigger dog, may be a Lab like mine. I am into it for the last 10 yrs or so, love every bit of him fucking me. Often my hubby piston-fuck me soon after.

    • So do you ever just let the dog have some and not hubby .

    • That would feel amazing. Does hubby Always go is your Dog the Better then husband

    • Simple answer yes you 3 love.each other
      You just worried your missing out .
      Let him have her all over the house all his dog dick can take.

      The one commenter right your dog shares your wife now . Let.hi. bed her any were are time he wants

    • Does your pitbull knot get stuck in her pussy ?

      Does he fuck her a long time are fast and hard ?

      Does he fuck her in the ass sometimes ?
      If yes do u get anal are just the dog

    • Remember your dog is sharing your wife pussy with you. It's 100% his to fuck your the beta injoy what you get to have and let him fuck her brains out .

      Reply. My wife's pussy is owned and used by our dog . You should call your dog sir

    • Yes let her injoy being a True Bitch to your dog . Your pitbull should be able to fuck his bitch any place he wants to Period !!!!
      . Her married pussy is his to get his Dog knot stuck in !
      Let him and her injoy you should present your wife need on your bed to your dog and understand it is his pussy
      Have fun with it injoy it . Your so lucky 5o have a Good wife and a Good Dogs Bitch ! Wish my wife was one

    • I think the real question here is, is the dog still gonna let you come near his bitch? He's likely to take over if you're not careful.

    • Right I think the pitbull already showed it was his pussy now . Your wife a doggy slut

    • Why would you own a fucking pitbull?

    • Umm good dogs and Now he fucking and getting a dog knot stuck in some good pussy and a beta dick human had his wife pussy taken

    • Why not?

    • Same reason you'd own any dog? Ever met a Chihuahua? You're more likely to get bit by that than a pitbull, because chi owners don't correct biting behaviour because "oh, he's so tiny, how much damage could he do?" Needles are small too, it still hurts to drive one through your hand.

    • A Chihuahua won't rip your throat out for fucking his bitch.

    • 66% of dog related fatalities... Pitbulls.

    • To satisfy his wife

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