Surprise at the Massage spa

I went in for my regular weekly massage at our local place downtown, it is in a shopping center complex, and perfectly legitimate.
There are normally three women on staff, over time I have had a massage from all three, with the older lady that owns the spa the best of all, so I typically ask for her. She is slender, probably middle 50's, and she has done it for a very long time, when she gets done my poor bad back feels great for a while.
But she is also busy, so the only person available was a new much younger woman, perhaps early 20's. I never have booked an appointment since always before someone was on staff and available, they have a sign out front that reads "walk ins welcome."
I took the mandatory shower, then did a short stint in the heat chamber, that thing is sure nice. I put on my mask, went in and got on the table, pulling the drape over myself. She came in, everything was normal, and I could sense the inexperience in her hands, but it was still great.
A couple of times she bumped my groin which I took to be an accident, but it became way more than normal and by the time came for me to roll over on my back I had a raging erection. That has happened before, but they always just ignore it.
In short order this gal was running her hands all the way up my legs and with each stroke she was right there, moving my genitals around. The drape kept slipping also, then surprise! She wrapped her hand around my erection and began to do the deed.
It felt great, so I did not complain, I opened my eyes to look at her and the expression on her face was one of lust.
Wow. Talk about completely unexpected! She was leaned over so far, her face was inches from my erection, as I watched her mouth opened and she went right down on me.
That did it, 60 seconds and I let fly and she swallowed it all, and even licked me some afterwards.
She patted my stomach and left, I took a quick shower, amazed at what she had just done, then went out to pay them, leaving a $20 bill on the table for a tip. Usually no tip is even part of the deal in this spa.
The older lady took my payment, gave me a receipt, and asked me "How did Tammy do?"
"Great!" I answered and went on home.
Next trip in, I asked for Tammy. The older lady said she had to let her go, with no real explanation, then she smiled, one eyebrow went up.
She took me back and gave me my normal excellent massage.
Tammy got fired, I think I know why.
Darn it.

1 month ago

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