Taking advantage of a nut

I have been living in the same apartment for over 4 years and spent the first 3 trying to avoid seeing or talking to Sandra. There are 12 apartments in the building and Sandra's apartment is just down the hall from mine on the 2nd floor. Most of the other tenants also avoid her and she just seemed to be a mental case. I'm 28 and she once told me she was 49 and another time said she was 54, so I guess she is in between those ages. She continually borrowed sugar, coffee, salt, soap and a few times asked to lend her 5 or 10 dollars. She was a pain because she always wanted to have a conversation and invited herself into my apartment all the time. She always returned what I gave her but she drove me crazy sometimes and I regularly didn't answer when she knocked on my door. It was probably over a year ago when I first began answering my door in my underwear or only a towel around me thinking she wouldn't insist on coming in. I quickly found out it didn't matter and she would just walk in and talk up a storm as I got whatever "she ran out of". I'm sure she borrowed stuff mainly because she was lonely and many times returned things the same way I gave them to her. Me being undressed didn't make a difference and she even began telling me how she liked seeing me like that. It didn't deter her from coming to my door so finally one night, just to get her reaction, I was naked and told her so first that I just got out of the shower. Didn't matter she just pushed on the door and walked in.

I was surprised that time and at first covered my genitals with my hands. She just stood there for a second looking at me then asked if I had any extra dish soap. I honestly couldn't believe how calm she was that I was naked. I walked into my kitchen and just gave her the bottle of dish detergent and with that no longer had my hands covering me. She just kept looking at me and without any thought about it I could feel myself getting an erection. Now this lady is my moms age and I never had any kind of sexual thoughts about her. Mainly because of her age but also her appearance. I'm not sure if I was even embarrassed and she began telling me it was nice to see a young mans body. The next thing I knew she began asking me about my girlfriend and mentioned my erection. Then she asked me if I masturbated a lot and if I got a lot of sex from my girlfriend. It was like an interrogation and the questions were coming faster than I could answer her. She even asked if I was naked all the time and if I slept naked. Just out of curiosity I finally asked her if it bothered her that I was naked which she said no, not at all. I stood there talking to her like that for at least 10 or 15 minutes before she left. When she did I still had a hard on and ended up jerking off.

Once that happened she started coming a few times a week and I was always naked when I let her in. I would always get an erection just because of how she looked at my genitals all the time. It was probably a month or more after that when one night I asked her if was ok for me to jerk off, which I began doing for a long time and about 2 months later got her to do it for me. Since then she jerks me off at least twice a week and I let her in every time she knocks on my door. If I am dressed I quickly take everything off. In a way I do feel bad about taking advantage of her since I know this woman isn't wrapped to tight upstairs. There is definitely something mentally wrong with her and yet I selfishly have her play with me. I lay back on my recliner and give her skin lotion to use. She does anything I ask except so far I haven't tried to have her blow me. She plays with my penis and balls and seems to enjoy doing it. She keeps asking if this or that feels good and all the time uses both hands. Even when she borrows money sometimes she always pays me back. a few times I told her not to but she always insists on giving me back whatever I give her. I don't think she was ever married and from what she tells me she has no real family or friends. She has been living in her apartment for 18 years and since I've been here I never saw her have any quests. I have only been in her apartment once and it is spotless and well kept. She is goofy with some of the stuff she talks about and certainly not street smart.

I never tell anyone about this and know how despicable it is for me to take advantage of her the way I do. It has come to where I don't have to ask her to jerk me off she just thinks its part of our friendship. She has met and seen my girlfriend a few times and said some things to her that my girlfriend don't realize. She has told my girlfriend that I am cute and have a very nice body and that she should keep me close. My girl thinks she is only some crazy old lady. I've tried asking Sandra about her life or growing up but she is very tight lipped about things and obviously don't like talking about it. I do know she has a brother but doubt she ever or rarely sees him. I know she has 2 female cousins but again doubt if they keep in touch with her. A few of the tenants talk to her sometimes but most of them stay away from her and think she is nuts. I do know she goes to the doctor every month but don't know if its for physical or mental problems. Some things she is smart at and I know to she receives disability and food stamps. I know I shouldn't be letting her jerk off all the time but by now I truly think she really does like doing it for me. I never try to have any sex with her and doubt she wants me to. She never takes any clothes off and has never come on to me that way. I'm probably the only close friend she has and yet I'm guilty of using her.


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  • I knew a gal who was schizophrenic and one night while I was visiting her she told me that during her last stay in the hospital "they" removed her clitoris. I told her that was not likely and she said she would prove it. She took of her jeans and underwear then retrieved a vibrator from under the couch and went to work on her pussy. She was an attractive woman, 28 years old with beautiful legs and of course a nice cunt. After 25 minutes or so I offered to see what I could do and she reminded me that we weren't married and I told her I would try oral on her. Less than 10 minutes later her pussy was oozing it's cream, her long legs were trembling, she was shaking all over and she was moaning in pleasure. She offered to blow me because I was obviously turned on. I was very happy to get my cock into her pretty face, and after a long while enjoying her expert cock-sucking skills I blasted such a big wad into her mouth that some of it shot out her nose.

    A week later she told me she was pregnant from swallowing my jism and I said that sometimes anal sex would abort a pregnancy. She was very worried that she would burn in hell for a baby out of wedlock and said she'd try it. I told her that the anal sex had to be twice a day for a week or until her period returned. It was great, I fucked her beautiful ass before and after work for 5 days and on day 6, after I pumped another load into her perfect ass, she phoned me at work and said she got her period later that morning.

    I did feel some guilt for taking advantage of her condition, but in reality I likely prevented an episode because she was terrified at the thought of burning in hell for an out of wedlock baby. Religion is not good for schizophrenics.

  • Maybe you should try talking to her, asking her if she understands what she is doing sexually. I understand how it could be addicting and that you feel like your using her and you are!
    I would truly talk with her and ask the tough questions needed for her benefit. If she gives you real intelligent answers and she does understand what she is doing and in her mind it is consensual. Then ask her if she like doing it, and if she wants to do it with you otherwise what your doing is rape, or sexual abuse of a individual that is incapable of knowing what she is doing!

    Many handicap people have normal lives and live on their own, but may not have the ability to understand the danger or some issues like sex.
    So if you care about her then set her down and be real with her, ask her to explain to you how she understands what she is doing with you when your nude, otherwise never act o that need again because that's then would be sexual abuse of a handicap individual meaning years in prison and becoming a sex-fender.
    She doesn't deserve to be lied to or used as a toy.

  • If it's within you, do something nice for her for the holidays.

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