58yo wife, free to meet other men, and I do.

After 28 years of boring marriage, I left my husband and met and later married a handsome sexy man with a very open attitude to marriage who was 16 years older than me. I was 47 and he was 63. We moved to another town for a fresh start together, and straight away he encouraged me to wear short tight skirts and open tops to show off my curvy goodies to other men and I loved to play along after those long years of nothing exciting.
Rob got a job, so I had long days at home by myself and I was having hot masturbatory fantasies about the young husband next door, our old landlord who called around way more than he needed to, and his workmates who came to visit on weekends for drinks and to ogle whatever flesh I was showing.
All the attention was getting to me and it was just a matter of time before i gave in to the temptation, and within a year I had several guys calling in regularly during the day to give me the hot fucking and the licking that I so obviously needed. Rob knew what was happening but never tried to stop it and I didn't want him to. I was in slutwife heaven, sipping wine through the day, free to take any cock that took my fancy, and there were plenty, his friends, our neighbors, almost any man who smiled and showed interest, young and old.
12 years later and I'm still getting visited regularly by 3 old friends, although often I just suck them off if they don't have much time, and they sometimes just give me a quick lick to orgasm. Rob is retired now but he always leaves the house before my visitor arrives to avoid any awkwardness.
I know this life isn't for everyone but we love it and we're in it together.

1 month ago

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    • Do you like younger men (aged 25-35) to fuck?

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