Young men had my wife

I meet my curvy wife in bible college. She is very submissive and a few years later I let several of my young male neighbors watch through a slightly open curtain us having sex. I was very aroused and used her like a slut. Some days later I had her answer the door wearing an open robe. Finally I invited 2 of the boys over for a beer and after several drinks I removed my wife's rob in front of the young men. She was red faced but I told her to walk around in the nude and shake her tits. I could see bulges in their pants. I had her pose in very sexual positions. I had her give me a blow job in front of them. earlier I had her drink screwdrivers and some 420. Next day she hardly remembered anything, A few days later she told me that several of the neighbor young guys were making passes at her and one had groped her, She asked me what I was going to do about it. I'll take care of it I said as my dick got hard.

20 days ago


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    • Early 50s now my ex (Sally) and I are FWB -- both married again, in need of a side fuck -- who better than an ex you trust? Do you ever cheat on me came up. She said sorta. I hired a young black guy through on a Gov program. They paid him $5 an hour and I paid him 80 cents. (forget the exact numbers) He did warehouse work for us. To give him more hours I had him mow our 2 acre lawn. Sally thought this was terrible, exploiting him -- getting a $40 job done for $2. So she tired tipping him $10. He wouldn't take it, said he could be fired from the program if he had unreported income -- but thanks. Sally said she had a crush on the guy, there he was with no shirt, she would sun herself in a bikini when he was there. About the 3rd time she caught him eyeballing her. So she flirted, 'you can't take a money tip -- does the Program have any rules about blowjobs? ' She said growing up she had a prejudice neighbor Bill, She'd do in the garage when he put the lawnmower back. She'd do on her knees there knowing Bill was looking up from hell watching. I'm amused by it now, but wouldn't be then. She always loved sucking dick. I heard a rumor she's sucking off her younger boss now.

    • Invite several of them over after having a few drinks with your wife. Then get her naked and tell the boys that they can fuck her. Take her hand and walk her into your bedroom and lay her back on the bed. Lie down beside her and kiss her. Then tell her to spread her legs and watch as each of them fuck your wife. You will enjoy watching them fuck her and when they are all done you should fuck her. Then continue doing this every weekend until your wife is pregnant. You will be constantly horny knowing that one of the boys probably got your wife pregnant.

    • Give it to her she will love it

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