My older sister is in beauty school. Several times I let her practice on me. I'd become comfortable doing it. Once she put hair extensions in and styled my hair. Then she did my make up. I admit I looked cute. I tried on several outfits of hers and posed for pictures. My dad wasn't impressed but Didnt make us stop. mom laughed about it and encouraged us to continue telling dad that the practice was good for my sister and it was fun! After a while I'd had enough and knew the hair would take a while to come out so called it quits.

This is where my trouble starts. I got the bright idea to catfish my friend Kevin. Kevin was a little awkward but he's been my friend forever. I set up fake accounts and used all my pictures to string him along. We' dm on messenger for hours sometimes. He would brag to me about a girl he was chatting with and show me pictures from her FB page. Mom found out and said she was disappointed I would do this to my friend. Dad flipped out. I'd never seen him so mad. It was a weird night. Mom and dad talking in their room. My sister was judging me too. I felt horrible.

The next morning, dad and my sister were gone by the time I got up. Mom had a nervous way about her but helped me with breakfast. Then she began to speak. My punishment was to get made up again, have Kevin come over and admit my deceit. I begged and pleaded. My sister came home at lunch and by 3 pm I was a girl again. My sister took me to get my nails done and when we got back, Kevin and my mom and dad were talking in the living room.

I was mortified. My dad introduced me as Vickie, the feminine version of my real name. I blushed as red as can be. Dad said that I would be Vickie all weekend and that Kevin was welcome over as much as he'd like. I was crying. Mom stood by my side with an arm around me helping me dab my eyes. She said my make up was going to need some help and I sobbed some more.

My dad told me to apologize to Kevin for being such a jackass and my family left the room. We talked for an hour probably. Kevin was disappointed but admitted he was getting suspicious and figured it was someone who knew him well. Kevin said even with runny makeup that I was still pretty. We were laughing by the time mom came back in and sent me to my sister to get cleaned up. Kevin stayed for dinner and we played games later. My dad chilled out some. I didn't think he was going to kill me anymore.

Saturday afternoon, Kevin came back and hung out some more. I was more relaxed this time and we really had fun. After dinner, Kevin asked if he could take me to a movie. To my horror, My dad said yes. Straight there and back! Mom took pictures of us before we left. The movie was uneventful. Kevin held my hand going in and leaving because I was freaking out. . We didn't see any friends, thank God! Kevin hugged me at the door and kissed my cheek and left in a hurry. Mom and my sister teased me about my first date.

Dad and I finally had a calm rational talk about what I'd done and why he punished me this way. He admitted that I easily pass as a girl. That Kevin should be able to save face by being able to prove his "girl" existed, I started crying. I was ashamed of myself. that's why mom insisted on the date picture. Dad hugged me and said he loved me. I hugged back and sobbed. He said I could be done with my punishment.

I hung out with my sister in her room until late. Laughing and cutting up.

Sunday, I did my own makeup. Hung out with mom and my sister. She took me and my sister to lunch. We shopped some and she bought me some Of my own clothes. In the car, I asked her why. She said I suspect you're going to want to be "Vickie" occasionally. I turned beet red. My sister kissed my cheek and said she liked having a sister. I was a little sad when we took the extensions out that evening.

Kevin is still my friend. That weekend, nothing happened besides the hug and kiss on the cheek. I do cross dress. Kevin and I did experiment a few times. I was the girl. I'm not sexually attracted to men. Physically, it was satisfying. I'm glad I tried and that it was with Kevin. My wife knows. My sister knows.

1 month ago

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    • Terrible post about "catfishing" but you are full of stinkbait.

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