Just curious.

You know it is kind of strange but each one of us seam to have a pervert hiding in us. Sometimes I look at a woman on the street that is dressed in a business suit and I wonder what her perversion is privately.
I am a man that screws other mens wives and I have been doing this for years now and it still sparks my imagination at what some of these very innocent looking women are thinking as they walk down the street you see I have asked some of the gals that I have been with about their private thoughts about sex are and each and every one of them have blushed when I brought that up so I am pretty sure that they are not s innocent as they seam.
Some of th women I hook up with is in the after noon and most of them are wearing some kind of business dress up to make it look like they are big shots with whoever hires them of whether or not they actually own their business.
I could never take money from them even though some of them have asked hw much I charged it is just for my pleasure and nothing else .
On the other hand when I hook up with a man and wife the same thoughts are with me and really am I different than other men to enjoy screwing their wives while they watch and film us ? Hell they seam to enjoy it to and each and every guy tells me the same thing that they have wanted to get a guy with a huge cock to fuck their wife.
Hell I am not complaining but I am disabled and on a government pension but I have a part time job at Wall Mart where I greet the customers and check their purchases when they leave the store but I have no problem meeting with my customers in the afternoon and I can line them up for days that I don't work.
I am not wealthy by a long shot but I get along just fine I like what I am doing and I always please the wife and if the guy wants to suck my cock hat the hell if his wife will let me finger fuck her while he is doing it again what the hell.
It seams to me that even proper looking women anve nasty thoughts.

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  • Good luck to you and the slime ball wives you know.

  • It SEEMS to me that you resent, perhaps even hate these business suit wearing women you claim to be fucking. What's more baffling is why ANY woman would want to fuck a disabled, broke ass loser, on the dole, wearing a Walmart smock, doing the lamest job there ? Perhaps, where you live, the bar has been set exceedingly low. Enjoy your lowlife !

  • It is my biggest fantasy to suck a big cock while my wife watches. So embarrassing to admit, even annonymously.

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