Boys can be confused also.

I learned how to “beat my meat” at about twelve. I quickly became an expert.
Then I learned how women got pregnant. This white stuff (cum) was deposited inside a woman. But the confusing thing to me was; I insert my dick into the girl but then what? What makes my cum shoot out?
The only conclusion that made sense to me was, I jack-off until I begin to ejaculate then quickly insert my dick hoping that the majority of my semen would get inside the girl.
Pretty silly huh?

1 month ago

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    • No, not so silly. I had a friend who admitted that once he got some ejaculate after playing with himself, beating his meat, and all the wonderful sensation that came with it, he began beating his index finger of his left hand. To him, it was worth a try.
      On my part, the first time I ejaculated while fucking two velvet throw pillows, I thought I had irretrievably broken something. In a way, I guess I did.

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