Secret craving

I'm a otherwise straight guy but lately I feel like sucking a dick so badly.. I love women and I'm afraid they would no longer want me..I would never switch teams,and never done anything with another guy, but I just secretly crave it.I probably would do it if I knew someone who felt the same way and I knew they were clean and disease free.Thats another fear I have about it.Maybe it will remain just a fantasy of mines, but I thought I'd confess..

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  • For all you guys beginning to finally face up to your homosexual tendencies ...join the club , being queer doesn't mean you become a freakish weirdo... your still the same person . You are taking the first steps to admitting you fall somewhere within the spectrum of being gay. And guess what its way more common than you think . I was shocked to find out how many otherwise "normal " guys were queer , especially married ones !

  • I may not reveal my location, but I'm straight too & I'd love to hook up with you. I crave dicks every second of the day, 2nd thing that's on my mind. I don't care about size, if it's bent, or what. I just want a nice long (thin or thick) big-headed cock with the head covered in precum and it's dripping out. I love that shit and want to wrap my mouth around it & taste a bunch of it until I'm ready for him to completely blast my face in cum.

  • I feel the same way exactly. I would love to suck some dick, but it would be cheating om my wife,and I am not going to do that, and if I did, how would I know if he is clean? Even if he shows me a doctors report! I would not risk a slow death! But it is a nice fun thought to suck cock!!

  • Yea thats how I am too..I've been looking into cancelling my account on here..What was I expecting to gain, sharing my deepest secret. I was kidding myself, I'm just not ready to go through with it. Maybe one day I get a chance to try it, who knows..

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