Flirting my way to Seduction

I have always been a big flirt with females and I especially loved flirting with my nephews girlfriend! It first started with me teasing her about silly things like her hair in the morning, then the hug's turned into a soft slap on the booty which was an everyday thing that involved more ass which turned into not just grabbing a handful of booty I would reach between her legs and grab me everything from front to back and in-between.
After a while I was grabbing boobs and playing with her nipples, after months of touch and feel, Lucy surprised me one day when she went to my house, she went straight to me, jumped on me with her legs around my waist and her arms wrapped around my neck.
I carried her to the couch.
She pulled off her shirt pulling my face into her boobs.
Sucking her boobs as much as she wanted me to.
From then and still up to today she continues to flirt with me with a little less clothes and alot more of her. I'm so glad her and my nephew broke up because know I have a lot more Lucy for me and all she can handle of me and it's the most amazing sexual fun I have ever had

10 days ago

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