Naughty photos gone wrong

My wife and I regularly send naughty pictures of each other to one another,it's really spiced things up with us,we're both in our 40's,I was in work last week when she sent me a photo of herself naked on our kitchen worktop fucking her hairy cunt with her dildo mmmm I couldn't wait to get home to fuck her.i get home around 5ish,walk through the front door and I'm surprised to see our nephew Jamie in the kitchen,hi pal you OK? What are you doing here I said,his mother's had dropped him off at ours because she's gone to a concert,he's 15,no problem,I'm just popping in the shower pal, we'll have a chat and a laugh when I get out,I was drying myself off in our bedroom when Jamie comes in! Give me 2 minutes and I'll be with you I said! Is auntie Jo with you in this photo then uncle Dan?? Say again son I say! The little bastard had my phone and was looking at my wife (his auntie) butt naked on the worktops!!! Fucking hell auntie Jo! What a tart he said!! Don't say a word or show anyone that Jamie for fucks sake!! Yeah whatever unc!! Where is auntie Jo anyway? She'll be home in a bit,10 minutes later in comes Jo,hi auntie how are you doing?? The little fucker! I've seen a great photo of you recently! Oh yeah which one is that Jamie? You know,the one with you naked on the worktops!!! Please don't show anyone Jamie their private!! That depends on you auntie Jo! In what way? Jamie ,show me your hairy pussy in person!! You are joking? Nope! Hey cmon now Jamie enough is enough! Tell auntie Jo to strip off and I swear I won't show anyone ... fairplay the horny fucker had us . I can't believe this Jamie my wife said! I'm your auntie!! Just do it!! Close the blinds in the living room Dan,Jamie sits on the couch,omg of all the things Jo moans, off comes her top then she steps out of her tracksuit bottoms,underwear too! Hesitantly Jo unclipped her bra and pulled her knickers down! That's what I'm talking about auntie Jo,you're a proper milf mmmm ok I've seen enough I promise you I won't show anyone your picture ..

11 days ago

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