Need to break my wife's bad habitI

My wife dresses like a skank, in fact several times when out dancing and drinking some guys think she is a hooker.
It's always deep cleavage, or tops a bit too large so she can let her boobs peek out, short skirts without panties or if they are there they might as well be plastic wrap.
In public, at parties, we have been in a few scuffles as guys get aggressive, a few women have gotten pissed and made comments.
I have asked her to cool it hundreds of times and she will for maybe 15-20 minutes, then back to leaning over or doing a side boob shot.
She has a pair of baggy shorts that the crotch is just the stitching, she wears those on hot days and it is rather easy to discover that she doesn't shave.
I think that everyone we know has seen all of her at one time or another, and she just won't stop.
I wanted her to see a Doctor about it, but she refuses and claims she isn't hurting anything and if they don't like it, don't look.
So, my question. How in the hell do I get her to stop doing that stuff?

12 days ago


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    • Get one of the aggressive guys to flirt with her, seem to want more, but, then tell her he doesn't like her hootchie mama image. She'll listen to him. It may cost you a few drinks thrown his way, but is safer and cheaper than a section of 2x4 upside her head.

    • I got her in therapy, who knows, maybe it will help.

    • It may uncover why she needs to be exhibitionistic. I wish the best for you both.

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