Must be getting older

When I first met my husband the one thing I didn’t like was his ball sack, I guess he has “normal” size balls but not a “normal” sack, it hangs lower then his penis.
Being honest I’ve never liked looking at them and on occasion they have got in the way!
Now 14 years married I love them, I like pulling on them sucking them and stretching the sack, it’s so easy to hold and pull them when having sex from behind.

20 days ago

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    • We live in the sticks. I read and sun myself naked on our deck. My husband doesn't know but a guy with a telescope watches me form 1/2 mile away. I know the guy and chat with him at the little Counry Store. We chat about the weather, even the Bible -- he knows I know -- nothing's said. Occasional my husband will join me and I never fail to give him a blowjob. When I'm sucking his dick I can't see if he watching. But when I'm done he usually is. I'm thinking of fucking him reverse cowgirl while looking right at him. A little too risque even for me maybe. Should I?

    • I think you should....its a brilliant idea.....give him a homemade amateur porn show...... And don't let hubby know what your doing...... You'll be an absolute voyeurs delight ! A pornstar in disguise.

    • If you keep tormenting him, he will make a move. If that's what you want of course...

    • No darling just leave things as they are let him get frustrated about MAYBE one day.

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