Bisexual married man

I really love having the best of both worlds! I love to be able to have sexual encounters with a woman or a man I really would enjoy being with both sex’s at the same time.
I love being on my knees in front of them . I don’t care if they are a woman or a man or a transgender they all have what I want to be in front of me so I can go down on them and suck on their cocks or lick on their pussy .
I love to eat a woman’s pussy and her ass while I’m going down on her or him . As long as I can make them Cumm one way or the other . That’s all that matters to me. And if they want to help me get off my load of Cumm.
I just love having men and women to Cumm all over my face and body .
I really love it when I can swallow a nice hot load of Cumm from a woman or a man . They can squirt into my mouth or on my face no matter what I really get turned on from getting squirted on . Sometimes I’m so turned on that I will Cumm hands free.

23 days ago


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    • Just this past Friday after thanksgiving, I ran into an old friend who was here in ct visiting family, years ago as kids we’d blow eachother once in awhile, mostly over the summer when we were at his pool. We went to lunch and after a few drinks we brought that up. We both said it was a turn on. We went back to his hotel, got naked, jerked eachother off, got hard after about 15 minutes and blew eachother, it was great, he may be back for Christmas

    • I'm very curious bout this I never tried anything yet but I want to suck a cock and share his coc with a woman and I never been with anyone but I'm scared to ask someone to try it with is there anyone else here I want be with a guy and girl same time

    • Yes I do, I've always been with women apart from getting sucked off through a Glory Hole once or twice a week until the council shut the toilet down. Sometimes I have to get away from my neighbourhood and will drive for an hour and stop somewhere. I Sometimes get my cock out and relax with a wank. A few times I've pulled up into a lay by and dropped of with the window open after wanking and not put my cock away. I was woken up with a hand rubbing my cock to see a guy looking at me with a smile on his face and my stiff cock in his hand. I was enjoying it a lot so I opened the door and the guy was face down with my cock in his mouth. He gave me the most amazing blowjob and he took my cum in his mouth twice

    • Just take your time and your going to find the right person to fit your needs.
      Years ago I was in the same spot that your in right now .
      Over time I was able to find the right fit for my needs. And over my years I was able to get more sexual knowledge by having sex wife men Women transgenders . And over the years I found a small group of people that was in my position to !
      There will be a lot of trails and errors that your going to hit fit just keep going until you find a perfect fit for your needs.
      And don’t be afraid to ask questions as needed to make sure that you are comfortable with the person you find .

    • I'm bi and my girlfriend of almost ten years has never suspected anything. Not only am I bi, and enjoy sucking dicks, I'm a sissy too. I feel so good when I'm all dressed up in a sexy outfit and heels. And I also have a sexy trans girlfriend with a dick just as big as mine. She likes to fuck more than I do. Every time we get together she's always the one on top. I really like the way she fucks me. It brings out the inner female in me. I didn't know I was such a whore until she started fucking me. Now I can't get enough of her big juicy dick. Sometimes when I go over her house a few of her sexy girlfriends are visiting there too. All of them are nothing but sexy dick loving whores. She lets us have wild crazy sex together. I'm never letting this girl go. She's the perfect woman for me.

    • No doubt about that it sounds like a hot orgy lots of sucking and long dick fucking . Nothing better than a bareback cock inside of your ass balls deep

    • You are an asshole! I would pay for your girlfriends defense if she slit your throat for exposing her to diseases and humility of you being such a fag! But you don't have a girlfriend do you loser!

    • You're an asshole. If you've nothing nice to say then say nothing. Stupid cunt

    • Well maybe someone should cut off your balls I shove them down your throat. That’s if they are able to find your little ass balls .

    • Keep trying lady balls.

    • Monica Lewinsky drops a dress off at the cleaners. She goes to leave, opening the door, saying, "I'd like to have it back by tomorrow." Her voice is covered by traffic noise outside, and the man behind the counter says, " Come again ? " She says, "No, it's mustard, this time. "
      Ba-dump, ding ! I'll be here all week. Do Cumm back !

    • Come to me mmm

    • I'm bi and married too and I love having best of both worlds

    • Lucky you

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