Do you have any cool friends?

I want to send a nude photo of my wife to a random person on sc by “accident” pretending it was to be to someone else. I want it to be to someone that won’t snitch though. You have any close friends you’d want it to happen to?

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  • If you're looking for discreet, you've found him. Answer back if you would like to know how to contact me.

  • Send them my way. I’ll show them off if you want or view them for myself. Your choice.

  • I don't have snap chat but I would love to see her

  • My email is

  • Send them to anyone. you can send them to her mother or how about my aunty would go for that she tells about her sex dreams about a man who is half her age and married with teens and she does appear after him and I hope his wife knows and I can see a girl fight going down and this guy does local clubs gigs and seriously he could even be getting it off with my aunties grandchildren cuz she lets them do anything and drink underage.

  • Yes it’s snapchat. -poster

  • I would ❤️ To see a picture of you wife what’s SC

  • Probably Snap Chat.

  • Gruntlyfe1

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