My daughter's BF

The other night my daughter's boyfriend came over to my house but she wasn't there. She was still out with some friends and my husband was at work. I told the BF, Adam, that he could wait for her because she would probably be home soon. I was cleaning in the kitchen when he grabbed me from behind and started groping me. He ran his hands all over my body, squeezing my breasts and ass. He told me how horny he was and how my daughter hadn't let him fuck her yet so he was going to take what he was owed from me. I tried to get free but for a 17 year old he was really strong. He held me against the wall while I tried to get free. He kissed my neck and started pulling my clothes off. Eventually he got me on my knees and pulled his cock out. It was massive and throbbing He forced it in my mouth and made me suck him. I cried and pounded on him, trying to beg him to stop but he kept gagging me with his cock. After a while he relented and dragged me by the hair into my bedroom. He threw me on the bed and stripped me naked. I was so exhausted at this point I couldn't put up much of a fight. I tried to keep my legs shut but he pried them open and plunged his cock into me. At this point all the fight had gone out of me and I laid on the bed as he took me. He fucked me on my back, then rolled me over on my hands and knees. My body started to betray me as my pussy became wet and I began to enjoy his cock. I caught myself moaning during his violation of me. He kept fucking me until I came for him. He pulled his cock out of me and sprayed his cum all over my face. He told me I was his whore now and that he'd be back for more.

I can't believe he did that to me. Do I tell my daughter and husband? Somehow he got my phone number and is texting me. Telling me he wants me again and wants to know when I'll be home alone.

24 days ago


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    • Hahaha

      All of you people are such liars! I have never seen so many desperate attention seeking whores in my entire life. "I had sex with a family member", "I am into bestiality", "I'm a grown man who wears panties", "I have weird fetishes, OH LOOK AT ME"!!!

      This entire site is fucking cancer. This is supposed to be a confession site, but everywhere you go you see something about incest or sex. It's gotten to the point to where the users on this site spam the same old stories and confessions, just to get one or two hearts. It is hilariously pathetic!

    • Ex Girlfriend (Little Judy) and Mom (Big Judy) would drag me off the church Sat night, They'd both go to confession too. Old time Religion folks. Well BJ caught me fucking LJ and all she was 'lock the door, dummies.' Later she told LJ I had a big dick and began flirting with me. I didn't mind, BJ was way hotter than LJ. The filled out version, Not that LJ wasn't hot. So BJ says I need to go to confession too since we're copulating. "Just make it right with The Lord. I don't judge, He does." I break up with LJ just before we go off to different colleges. BJ calls and says meet me in your car by the park. She's like LJ is devastated, you can't just fuck her forget her. Not that I was holding against her but she cheated. I was sorta glad she did, she couldn't be that hooked me fucking other guys. I wasn't going tell anyone buy BJ is really making me out to be the Devil. So I tell her LJ fucks other guys. She pauses. Next thing you she's sucking my dick., then naked and fucking in the exact same place I fucked LJ on our first date, same car. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. Haven's see either in 20 years. LJ has a PHD.

    • He fucked you so now your daughter has to return the favor and take care of your husband . Yes I know but she isnt fucking her husband for some reason and you like being his fuck toy so let Dad have his fun . If you really want to make it exciting all four of you can get together . You might not like your husband fucking your daughter but I bet you and her will love being together .

    • I hope you let him know when he can next have you. It's your duty as his obedient cockslut. You gave in when you came, you now belong to him. He marked you with his semen and you knew you were his at that moment. You realised you had been claimed as property of a cock and you were nothing more than a hole for his pleasure. Be a good slut and fondle him. You belong to your master now.

    • Rape. That would of been rape. If this was true. Rape.
      You're a sick boy with a shriveled shrimp dick that gets a hard on from rape. You are trash.

    • Not very convincing im afraid

    • I would eaten your cunt and ass first before fucking you. I would of fuck your cunt first and I would of slipped it out and smashed it into you asshole. I would of fucked you deep and hard and would of shot my load deep in your asshole.

      I would kiss your lips and taken your knickers with me when I left so I can smell your cunt

    • Stick to you wearing panties and getting it up your ass Virginmouth!

    • He raped you. Report it

    • Sounds like you really want to be his slut so go for it, you will have a great time.

    • Want more ?

    • More what? Rape sick fuck!

    • You call the police and report that he raped you. Do it now if you have not done it already

    • What would you even say? That he raped you or that you are also now his personal whore and enjoyed it? The reality is that he's right and you belong to him now, so don't tell. Easy. Keep fucking behind your daughter's back. If you get pregnant you can just say it's your husband's.

    • Sounds like he's a bbc who wants a white woman as his toy.

    • That's all women are

    • The question is did you enjoy it? Do you want it to happen again? If so then let him. If not then tell your daughter and husband as he sounds like he could be dangerous

    • Of course she enjoyed it, everything about it, can't stop thinking about it and just wants more, she know's she wants to be his fuck slut and be treated like shit.

    • Seriously, you should tell your mommy where the bad man touched you, then, write a b.s. post about that, dude !

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