The lads and the wife

The wife and I were childhood sweethearts,we split up when we were 20,didn't see each other for 10 years,got back together then married at 32,that was 11 years ago,little does she know that I know that the dirty slut had a threesome with two of my mates just before we got back together,the thought of it really turns me on,in fact whenever I meet up with the lads I always ask them what she was like handling two cocks! They spitroasted her,fucked her ass then both came in her mouth!!! Anyway I've got a few pictures of my Mrs ass and I get them out with the lads and say do you recognise that ass boys!!! Karla my wife has a daughter from a previous,she's 18 now and a personal trainer! I'm not ashamed to admit I've had many a wank over her,she always posts pics of herself in the gym but she's also got a few of herself naked on her phone that I've found!!! Well it would be rude not to show the boys!! Needless to say they loved the pics,Neil one of the boys that fucked my Mrs is a bit of a gym buff and handsome with it! Think I'll have to join her gym he said laughing!! Now this was a couple of months back,we've met up since and yep,you guessed it! Hes told me that he's been fucking my stepdaughter too!! The dirty bastard offered her a lift home one night from the gym and things lead to other things! He said you live with two sluts mate! I've fucked your wife in the ass and now her daughter too,like the perv I am I said cmon then give me all the details! Neil said she was easy pal! All I said was her bum looks great in those leggings! Next thing I know she's blowing me off in the car park 😛 after the third time we're fucking in the back seat! She says to me fuck me up my arse!! Which I duely obliged pal! It was tighter than her mothers may I add ! I just love the fact that my mate has fucked my wife and her daughter mmmm lucky bastard

28 days ago

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