Stripper mother

I hadn't seen a stripper for years,one of the younger guys in work was getting married so his mates organised a mature was at the rugby club,8 o'clock she was due on stage! Id booked the taxi for 7,so I had plenty of time ,shock horror the fucking thing broke down! It was 9 o'clock the time I got there,the party was in full flow,the stripper had taken her half time break!! The steward of the club called me over and said jonno you need to go home ? I've just fucking got here what do you mean? It's the stripper Jon? Yeah so what I said? You don't want to see her? Puzzled I then looked at the stage! It was only my mother! Bra and suspenders on calling the younger guys up on stage 🙈🙈 the older guys in the club knew it was my mother on stage but the youngsters didn't! She fucked 4 of them on stage and rammed so many items in her ass it was cringe worthy! To top it off the boys were going back stage and fucking her ! At this point I didn't give a fuck! All my mates whom I'd grown up with were doing my old girls ass! Even 3 committee men that drink with my father were in the queue! My slut of a mother took the whole rugby club on and got paid for every cock !

1 month ago

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    • My mom was a stripper back in the 80s and 90s. She didn't do shit like this though. However, after work her and all her stripper friends would all come to the house and hang out all night. I never had a foot fetish but I did have endless stripper feet to massage on the weekend. Learned a lot of other things also. Today it would be criminal. Was then too I'm sure.

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