A normal night out !!!

Still can't believe this happened to this day! Dean a friend of mine had arranged a night out for the lads,he loves organising things,due to covid we hadn't been out in a while,so as you can imagine me and the lads were looking forward to it,all started in our local around 3,the plan was to get tanked up then go to town early evening which we did,as the night went on we all started to split up,it was getting pretty late and the 2 lads I was with were pretty keen on going home,that was until I got a text from Dean saying him and the rest of the lads were in the perch bar and had pulled a couple of younger birds!!! Dean is a proper ladies man BTW,anyway we didn't fancy it,ok he said we're all going back to my house if that sounds any better he said? Ah fuck it cmon then the 3 of us said,we'll jump in a taxi and meet you there I shouted down the phone over the ridiculousy loud music!! Getting old now see,well we're all late 40's,we got back to the house after Dean and the boys and they brought company back with them,the 2 younger girls they'd pulled!! As you can imagine a few of the boys were upstairs getting it on with them! Always been mad,fuck me boys you want to see these 2 chick's we've brought back they're up for all sorts go and take a look upstairs!! So like the perv that I am I wondered up to take a look,I could hear the moaning so I just pushed the door ajar slightly to peak! Dean was pumping away from behind while Jimmy was getting sucked off and right next to them Jason and Tommy were doing the same fucking great I thought πŸ˜› go on lads!! That's when I recognised one of the girls voices πŸ™ˆ I hadn't long been seeing a girl id met through a friend,same age as me (47) divorced and 2 kids,one of each,zach the boy and sammi!! You could call her my stepdaughter!! 21,dark hair and an amazing body ( yes I've perved at her around house) hard not too🀫 to my utter disbelief Dean and Jimmy were spitroasting her and Jason and Tommy doing the same to her friend!!! I had to go back downstairs with the rest of the boys,sensing something was wrong mickey said what's up Ian! I then told mickey and the rest of the boys that one of the girls upstairs was my new girlfriends daughter!!! Yeah and !! Was the general reaction πŸ˜‚ don't tell us you haven't thought about fucking her!!! I had to admit,alright then you bastards I said I've had the odd wank over her 🀫 with that the 4 boys came down the stairs!! Go on lads Dean said it's your turn! I quickly explained the situation,obviously the boys who'd just fucked my new girlfriends daughter were a bit taken aback! Oh fuck sorry Ian was all I had,with that Sophie (girlfriends daughter) came downstairs totally naked saying she needs more cock! Then we caught each others eyes πŸ™ˆ omg Ian she gasped! Hi Sophie I said sarcastically! You've met my friends then πŸ˜› don't tell mum for fucks sake please omg I'm mortified! Bit late for that don't you think hun!! My perv mind kicked in! Seeing as you've fucked all my mates! It's my turn Sophie!! But you're with mum? This will be our little secret! You slut,with that me and the remaining lads went upstairs,her friend had passed out,we stripped off and told Sophie to suck us off ! Was this really happening,I stepped back and watched her wanking and sucking Neil,John and dave,John laid down on the bed Sophie got on his cock and rode it while wanking the other 2 off! What a sight I was looking at mmmm Sophie turned her head to me and said I want you to fuck my arse Ian!!! I didn't need a second invite,John was in her cunt as I fucked her ass!! Does mum let you fuck her arse Ian the little slut said!!! Oh yeah Sophie like mother like daughter was my reply 😜 Neil who was getting wanked off suddenly shot off out of the door,with that the rest of the lads came back in,do you want all 8 of us to fuck you Sophie I said πŸ˜‰ fuck me you horny fuckers,I pulled out of her ass and let the boys take turns on her! I had to get my camera phone out ! 7 of the lads pounding fuck out of my future stepdaughter!!! Wow ! What a video I had.back home you'd think nothing ever happened as she sits opposite me and her mother watching TV mmm

30 days ago

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