Wife seduced me

My wife had just broken up with her second long term boyfriend when she invited me over to her dorm room. I'm pretty sure that she knew that I was still a virgin while she had been fucking for three years. We made out on her bed for a while and then she stood up and took off all of her clothes. This was the first time that I had seen a naked woman. She told me to take off my clothes and I did. Then she told me to get in bed with her. Soon she got on top of me and guided my dick into her. She felt great as she moved up and down on my dick. I quickly came for the first time ever inside a woman. We started fucking almost everyday and she moved in with me that summer after we graduated. The sex was great and we got married two years later. I figured that when we got married I had fucked her more times than both of her previous boyfriends although she had a three year head start on me and has been fucked 2 or 3 hundred more times than me.

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    • I had this awesome double secret spot to fuck my girlfriends, then wife. It was on a mountain summit. I could drive 3/4 the way with my old Bronco. There was a path hunters made. During the summer there were no hunters. I fuck the girls in broad daylight. On girl was so invigorated she did cartwheels naked after she climaxed 5x. Lilly said I don't have a hair on my ass if I don't do the walk naked with her. My wife liked that idea too. Girls are fucked up good.

    • PS "Had" spot. This was 50 years ago. I Google Earth it and it's
      developed with ritzy houses. Used to fuck in some Dr's front yard. I went to college nearby and the coeds put out like bunnies. Pre Aids, pre most VD, College health gave out BC pills like jellybeans. I had 5 on that mountain.

    • Can you say name of the mountain? I had a similar spot.

    • Took my ex girlfriend to a car park in some woods once. But before that I told 5 of my mates to be there hiding with cameras ready. I drove into the woods and parked my car I started to kiss her and biting her neck I put my hand on her titts and start playing then she said no stop someone might... https://www.slutwives.com/threads/arranging-5-of-my-mates-to-film-me-and-my-girlfriend-without-her-knowing.124007/

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