Need some help please

I’m a side fuck to a friend of a friend wife, basically she has me on tap, whenever she gets a window I’m called to fuck her, got to admit she does love a good hard deep fucking.
Now she’s asking for anal sex, only ever done it once and I’m not a fan, much prefer a nice wet pussy.
I’m just managing to get away with it, when she asks me to put it in her ass I say sure babes in a minute let me finish fucking this lovely pussy of yours, then I go mad pumping the living daylights out of her and cum, then promise next time.
What could I say or do to not fuck her up the ass?

11 months ago


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    • Wise up, Chuck. You're gonna be replaced by some dude named " Tyrone" if you don't get with the program !

    • I don't want to fuck your ass, gimme that sweet pussy.

    • Tell her it brings back too many heart-breaking memories of when you were a young faggot, fucking your dad. And granddad. Say, "the smell of fresh shit always reminds me of them, and both are now dead. . . . . so very sad."

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