I like hearing what guys (preferably black) would do to my girl.

I am a secret cuckold and I’ve always fantasizes my girl being with other men but specially black men. I am looking for a man to write me a story or a passage of things he’d do to my girl. Make it long and descriptive. Make me the cuckold and make me watch even if it’s forcefully. Make her your slut and do everything to her and try to make me jealous. Add a story aspect to it to make it seem more realistic. I’ll send a nude of her as well after so if anyone can help me out plz do so.

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  • When my wife was dating before we met, she said she dated a black guy when she was 18. This black guy took her anal cherry. She says they were having sex and he ate her ass really good, and fingered it. He wanted anal but she said no. He kept pressuring her to say yes and she agreed to let him try. He couldn’t get it in, even after fingering her butt with lots of lube. They were having sex from behind, and he took it out and shoved it up her ass. She said it hurt so bad she cried, and tried to wiggle out but he held her down and overpowered her and pounded her in the ass through the pain. She said she didn’t do anal again for a long time, and never again with him. His was her biggest cock, and her anal cherry popper, and only black guy. You asked a question, “have you ever done anal?” “Have you ever dated a black guy?” And “who had the biggest you’ve ever had?” And you get an answer. Lesson learned.

  • Why are you racist?

  • U can contact me at chadswart@yahoo.com if u like to f-uck ur wife from a disable & brown man ?

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