Questioning sexuality

I have always considered myself to be a heterosexual male. I'm 22 and so far I've only dated girls. However, about 8 months ago, I decided that I wanted to try a new experience. At first I felt embarrassed admitting it, but I still went through with it. Long story short, I went to a sex store and bought myself an anal dildo to explore what it would feel like. Not going to lie, I kind of enjoyed it. I enjoyed it to the point where I started watching gay porn videos while simultaneously jacking off and sitting on the dildo, which I never thought I would ever do in my life.
I still consider myself to be a straight male but I'm at the point where I kind of want to explore with a man(no strings attached) to know what it would feel like.

Does this make me bisexual or gay?

1 month ago

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    • You’re bicurious at least, if you want a label. Maybe you’re bi. If you’re attracted to women, you’re not gay.

      I use dildos and fantasize about sucking cock and getting fucked. I’d try it for real if my wife approved, and preferably, were there. I think that makes me more than bicurious. Unless it turned out that I hated it, but… I think I’d love it, TBH.

    • I’ve been in the place as you are in !
      I always dated women only but I always wanted to find out how it would be if I meet a man that would be interested in letting me suck on his cock . So I did the same thing that you did I went to a sex toy store online and ordered myself a 12” dildo !
      When it was delivered to my up my packag package and went into my bedroom started to watch some gay porn involving sex toys I found a really good one it was a solo male taking a dildo into his ass ! The dildo had a suction cup on the bed of it He had it stuck on top of the night stand next to his bed he backed his ass just above the dildo then he slowly lowered his ass on to the dildo ! It looked so hot just watching him lowing his ass down on the dildo made me get really hard!
      So I decided to wedge my dildo between my bed mattress and the foot board to hold my dildo in place so I get my dildo inside of my ass hands free ! I got my ass lubed up and slowly lowered myself above my dildo and just put the tip inside of my ass from that point on I went hands free with my dildo going all way inside of my ass I started going up and down until I had all way inside of my ass the feeling was so intense and amazing! After about 10 minutes of me riding my dildo all the way inside of my ass I
      Just as I was going to cum I put my hand in front of my Vick and shoot my load into my hand it was so good much cum I’ve never had a such a large load before in my life! And something told me to lick my hot load off my hand and swallow it all down my throat ! That was something that I have never done before! So I started to think if I was able to take a 12” dildo up my ass I can take a mans hard dick up my ass ! From that day on I Hopefully I will find a man that really give me what I really need from a man hcock and pushing inside of my ass as hard as he can until he cums inside of my ass balls deep inside of me and won’t let go until he’s done cumming inside me deep !

    • You might be bi curious, and you don't need to be embarrassed about it. If you really want to experiment, try getting a male escort or go to a gay bathhouse. This way you can have sex with a guy, without any attachment.

    • That really sounds like a real good idea ! No strings attached !

    • I can relate!
      I suggest you hook up with a TransGirl!
      I was stationed in Korea a few years ago and accidentally hooked up with one.
      Now I'm hooked!
      Back in the states I use the app Pure.
      TransGirls are GOLD!

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