Gym showers

I joined this fitness place with the hopes of losing weight and getting into shape and it worked but now I am getting even more benefits from it. One day I was taking a shower after working out as usual and I stepped out of the shower to dry off. When I looked across at the other showers there was a guy kneeling in one of the stalls, he held his hand up to his face and pretended he was stroking a cock with his mouth open. I took this to mean he wanted to suck me off, I looked side to side and no other guys were showering at the time and I was thinking no way in the moment but suddenly I found myself walking right over to him. I was standing right in front of him and he reached up and wrapped his fingers around my cock then he whispered to me and told me to slide the curtain closed. I did so and he then started sucking on me like crazy, I have only had a few women give me blow jobs so I had very little to compare him to but he was sucking my cock so good I felt like it was the first time I had a truly pleasurable blow job.
I figured this was a one time thing with him because I had been going to this place for about four months and this was the first time I ever had this happen but again later in the same week he was in the shower again. This time I had not showered yet and when I walked up to get a stall he was in one already. When I noticed him he smiled at me and waived me over, I walked into the stall and hung my stuff up and stood there with the water running down my back while he sucked on me again. He swallows all of me right up to my pubic hair, he licks and sucks on my balls, he strokes me in a blur and never stops until I cum. There is barely any teasing at all he just starts right in sucking hard and does not stop.
Last week I finally saw him doing it to someone else, I was entering a shower and across the aisle I saw him under the curtain kneeling with a guy standing in front of him. I showered up and afterwards he was still kneeling there with the guy in front of him, I never see him working out, only see him in the locker room. I think he just comes to the place to suck off guys in the shower stalls.

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  • Hey man, whatever works.

  • Damn dude, that's fucked up. If someone at my gym tried to do that, they would get the living shit beat out of them and be permanently banned from our gym. It's not "legal" to ban queers from a public facility, but we have means of dealing with it.

  • People that talk like you, are the most closet queers of all. We all know that. You loathe yourself for liking gay porn, the nasty piss and shit stuff.

  • We're Queer, we're here so live with it!! All he had to say was no and move on but hey the guy is just doing what he enjoys to do.

  • He needs to keep it out of public venues and constrain his perverted sodomistic activities to a private location, such as his home or a motel room. Normal people should not have to fear walking in on suck disgusting acts at a public facility.

  • Wow, someone is very deep in the closet.

  • The only male , male experience I have ever had was in a steam room at a hotel. I was down using the pool then walked into the steam room. There was already a guy in there and as I sat down he moved over to sit right next to me. He put his hand on my leg and asked if he could help me relax. I never said a word just leaned back more against the wall. He opened my towel then went to his knees and sucked my cock. He gave amazing head and had me cumming in just a few minutes. I stayed at the hotel for two more days but never saw him again.

  • Yes, I had this happen to me as well. I had just finished a great workout and wanted to relax in the steam room. I walked in there and there was only one other older guy. I am usually not shy in there and just sit on my towel letting everything show and sweat it out. The guy kept looking over at my penis then asked if I wanted a blow job, one other guy walked in on us and sat down staring at us as this guy in gray balding hair was sucking off me. When I came the guy got up and had not noticed we had company, he walked right over and asked that guy if he wanted one but he said no. It did feel great having one in the steam room though, so much relaxation.

  • Hell, as a cocksucker, I should join a gym.

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