Older woman

When I was in my thirties I was seduced by a fifty six year old woman. The first time we had sex we spent the night in a hotel . She was married but unhappy . She was super horny and hot. We got together several times and I loved being with her. She was old enough to be my mother as her two children from her first marriage were my age. I loved going out in public and showing my affection for her. She wanted to leave her husband and spend her life with me. I loved having sex with her and was intimately in love but wanted to have children and a family which was not possible. I also did not want to be a marriage wrecker. So we stopped seeing each other. Older women rock!!

1 month ago

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    • While I wasn't seduced, when in my 20s I had sex with several women in their 60s. Some were married and some had husbands that knew about it. Some were divorced and just looking for some action. Some were quite adventurous, others just wanted straightforward sex, over and done in 10 - 20 minutes each session. We always knew that it wasn't ever going anywhere but fun while it lasted.

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