Marnell has the nicest tits of any woman I know. I loved feeling them and kissing them whenever she was away from her husband. The little fish tattoo on the one is super cute. She also would give me the best blow jobs I ever had. Damn I loved fucking her.

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  • I can't believe I know who you're talking about, but the fish tattoo gave it away. I fucked her lots of times, and you're right, she got some nice titties.

  • When I was a lad back in college, I had a gal named Marnell. Wonder if it's the same one?

  • Do you have any pics?

  • I know who you're talking about. I agree, I loved to pound that hairy little beaver of hers.

  • Marnell had the nicest tasting pussy I ever had. #truth

  • Did she keep her glasses on when you fucked her?

  • I was friends with Marnell when one night after drinking we ended up in bed together. I had her tits pushed together and was alternating between each of her nipples sucking, and pulling on them with my teeth.

  • That's believable because she did get around in college.

  • You never forget your favorite pair of tits.

  • I know. I like fucking her too. Her titties are the bomb.

  • Did one of you move away, or did she find a better 2nd dick and dropped you like a stone?

  • No, she developed a conscience and that's when the fun stopped.

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