Extremely sexual

Hey. M 25 from Northern Europe.
I have since I was probably 12 or 13 been seriously sexual. I get horny from everything and have a whole load (pun intended) of fetishes. So if I could I would have sex everyday. A different fetish explored each day. But up here in the north it is extremely hard to find anyone on these online sex forums to meet up with. Yes I could go out to bars and such, but that is just one night stands. Boring and vanilla...
It is so loneley feeling like this and not being able to explore it.
I am fairly good looking and fit, but that doesn't get me far

1 month ago

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    • Believe I know how it can be really hard to find someone to make a good connection with. Yes a one night stand is not enough to fill the void inside of you ( no pun intended ) haha that’s just the way things are nowadays. Good luck on finding a good companion.

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