My transgender fantasies

I have been Curious about being with a man much less a transgender person ! I’m a man but I always have thoughts about having sex with a man or transgender people
Until last week I decided to go to a lbgt nightclub to see if I can find someone that I can meet with and make a connection with that person no matter what or who they are I don’t really care about that ! I just wanted to find someone that I meet my desires!
No luck on the first few times that I went there finally I was just about to leave the nightclub I had a person walk over to me and asked me if I wanted to have a drink with him ! So of course I said yes thanks for inviting me to join you for a drink!
After a few drinks I asked her if she wanted to go home with me ! She said she would really like to go home with you ! She told me that she’s going to follow me back to my place !
So just as we got to my place we walked in the front door just as I closed the front door she started to kiss me with a lustful kiss it was a intense feeling kiss !
I couldn’t help myself any longer so I grabbed her hand and walked her into my bedroom !
As we walked into my bedroom I sat down on my bed and pulled closer bro me ! That’s when she told me that she’s a transgender !!! I replied to her that I didn’t really care about what she is I like her for who she is !
So after that we started to kiss again in a really passionate way
So put my hands on her legs and started moving my hands slowly up her dress until I felt a budge in her panties I didn’t even care at all ! She told me that she needs to tell me something about her . I told her that I already know but I didn’t really care !
She asked me if she can use my bathroom so I pointed her to my bathroom while she was in there I turned down the lights and stripped down naked and payed down on my bed waiting for her to return to my bedroom she was only wearing her bra and panties ! I loved it seeing what she was wearing in front of me! She asked me if I like what I see I had no response I just grabbed her and pushed Her down on my bed and went down between her legs and pulled her panties to the side and started it suck on her cock Just as I started to suck on her cock she put her hands on top of my head and slowly started to push my head all the way down on her cock !
I loved it so much how was taking complete control of what was happening !
That got me so hard and made me horny she told me stop sucking on her cock she’s not ready to Cumm yet do we flipped she started to dusk my cock then I told her that I want her to fuck me in my ass with her fat cock !
So she told me get up on my knees she she give me what I want so I grabbed my lube from my nightstand draw and handed it to her she put some on her finger and. Pushed her finger into my ass getting me ready for her to fuck my ass !
Before I knew it she put the head of her cock just inside my asshole them grabbed my hips and slowly pushed her cock inside of my ass it was such a intense feeling I got goose bumps all over my body!
After a few in and out push’s she was balls deep inside my ass ! I was moaning out loud I told her not to be gentle with me pound my ass as hard as you want to! So she was giving it to me really hard then she pulled out of me and told me to turn over and pull my legs up towards my chest so she can look me in my eyes as she’s pounding my ass after a few minutes of my ass being pounding on I raped my legs around her waist and held her deep inside me and told her to grind her Cupid against my ass to make me feel like a little cock whore that I am now I told her when she’s about to Cumm to pull out of my ass and put your cock in my mouth and Cumm ! I swallowed every drop of her Cumm it a large amount of Cumm it was just pumping more and more Cumm !
After she was done cumming in my mouth I had her get down on her knees in front of my do I can fuck her tits and Cumm all over her face and body and lick it off if her body the 2 of us really enjoyed it so much !
About 20 minutes later I asked her if she was ready for round 2 this time I was going to fuck her face to face ! I went down between her legs and started to eat her ass and suck her cock! I was like a dog in heat !
Just as I was about to Cumm I pulled out and shot my load in her mouth and pulled her towards me and kissed her with her mouth full of my Cumm !
We wound going to take a shower and go back into my bed and fall asleep together! When I woke up the next morning she was in my kitchen making breakfast for us ! And of course she was still naked ! I knew that she was going to be the one for me! We dated for almost 6 months and now we are engaged to get married in February ! 🤬😱👍❤️

1 month ago

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    • That’s so hot I’d love for that to happen to me ibe really enjoy being with a transgender person ! Lois like the best of both worlds in one !
      Looks like a woman but fucks like a man ! Lucky you!

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