Caught my 46 year old wife with 17 year old neighbor

My wife and I own three florist shops in our area. We do very well and she wants for nothing or so I thought. Recently she told me she wanted to work less and enjoy our lovely home and pool. We live in an upscale gated community with golf course. I hired a young college girl to fill in so my wife could enjoy the summer at home . One day I decided to call and surprise her by taking her to lunch at the clubhouse. Her phone rang and went to voice mail. I didn't think nothing of it . She didn't hear my Tesla model S pull up in the driveway. I walked around back to the pool. There was a radio playing and a towel draped over her lounge chair but no sign of Lidia .

I went inside threw the French doors to the sunroom and opened the sliding door to the family room. Everything was quiet . Our dog looked up at me from his bed but never made a sound. I patted his head and walked back towards the master bedroom. The door was cracked open about six inches. I could see her feet on the bed and I said hello my love as I opened the door fully. There they were entwined together her one leg over Cameron's leg. He jumped up his young hard cock swinging about. She looked right at me and said what are you doing here. I live here my adultress wife I replied. I told him to stay and my house is your house. I grabbed my gulf clubs from the closet and left. I told my wife to call me when she was finished .

Two hours went by and she called me. She asked if we were going to have a problem. I told her that I hope she had a great time. She said yes it was all she thought it would be. I said well great. Glad you enjoyed yourself it would be a waste if you hadn't. I returned home and she was laying naked on the bed. I got naked and laid down next to her. She asked what I was doing. I asked her if she still was my wife to which she replied yes. Well then I want my wife's pussy if you don't mind. She said enjoy the sloppy seconds . I did. I have her my old cock twice. That was all. Then we went to dinner.

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    • WTF is up with these Cougar Wives. My Sally you never guess would ever cheat. She's real hot for 45 but a total devoted wife -- so I thought. She had a year long fling with a 22 year old jock. I found nude pictures of her on her phone with his trophies in the backdrop. She's a tech dummy and asked me to setup her new phone. So I looked at some pictures just to see what she shot. Mostly flowers and nature stuff -- And 10 nudes of her. I'm more embarrassed that he was so young, then her cheating. I know her girlfriends know -- so everyone else does.

    • Your wife is an awesome cock slut. Wish mine would fuck around so I can catch her .

    • You should have an affair with your golf clubs. Bad as they sometimes hook, they probably won't stray on you.

    • I'm 18 and would love to fuck your wife. Have a nice 9 inch fat young cock to please her .

    • Lies 2 inch

    • Probably already has.

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