Women are...

...Way naughtier than they will ever let on publicly. It isn't just some of them, it is about ALL of them.
Get them in a position where there is no chance of being caught, treat them nicely, and often even the most prudish housewife will be reaching for your dick.
If anyone else is around, they will usually reject you without fail.
I am close to 50 otherwise "normal" housewives so far, those are my targets because they don't throw dishes when it's over.
NOTHING is worse that some single lady that thinks they caught you because they gave you some pussy.

10 months ago

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    • Thank God you came along, bestowing your brilliant tactics upon the dullard males of the world ! You should write a book on your techniques. Okay, maybe a pamphlet. An abbreviated index card ? I've got it, fortune cookie inserts !

    • My hot wife spent a summer in a convent, in the Bible Club. wears dark Blue (real nuns wear black) nun outfit to church. In July 3am I caught her on her knees, nude sucking some guy's dick. She fessed up to having a 6 month fling with him, he was stressed out and text her asking for a BJ. "I'm flawed." She said he hit on her riding bike, by herself, on the trail.

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