Tried Ectasy with son and his friends

When I was divorced my son lived with me and I bartended to make money. I came home one night and my son had a couple of his buddies over and I found out the had ectasy and I wanted to see what it really did. I took some and I was amazed on how it made me feel so horny. The my son blew marijuana smoke in my face and I just said "wow, just %$#@ me now" HIs 2 buddies didn't hesitate to take advantage of it. I think my son enjoyed the show.

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  • My three teen aged step sons who I am only 7 years older than the oldest took advantage of me one afternoon when they got me to go swimming with them and I wore the only suit I had at the time a string bikini. Got it was one of them sweltering hot summer days and the water felt awesome and I sipped away at my margarita from time to time downing it and Larry told me he'd get me another as I handed him my glass. A few minutes later he came back and handed me my drink but it was cloudier than it was before but I payed no attention to it and took several sips and we started in playing tag and crap they were all over me. I told them time out and took another sip from my drink and god I got horney, the more I sipped away at my drink the hornier I got and the next thing I knew I was topless and the boys started in touching which led to holding and playing and sucking my nipples and then hands started in roaming all over my body stripping me of my bottoms and all four of us was nude in the pool.
    One by one they all had sex with me and I loved it, the more attention I got the more I wanted it and I got it then we moved from the pool into the house and for 5 hours they were taking me over and over again even got it anal a few times which secretly I love more than anything else. Then we all crashed upon the living room floor all nude.

  • I am the step mother of three awesome teen age boys 16,17 and 18 and I am only 26. Their father whom I love beyond word often leaves me alone with them for weeks at a time but calls me nightly to see how things are at home, at times he can't talk long for he's so damn busy a electrical engineer and right now he's in Belgium installing a hydroelectric generator for some remote city and won't be back for another three months or so.

    Well it happened all four of us were swimming in our pool after dinner one night and first of all my bikini top was taken away from me in a keep away game then my bottoms and they did their best not to let me have em back. Kyle the 17 year old made the first move on me and then the other followed suit. Well I ended up getting fucked by all three for the rest of the evening into early morning hours and at least 6 times a day since, am I about to tell them no well NO fucking way for I love their cocks in me more than they love trying to get me pregnant with their child little do they know my tubes are tied.

  • My friends dad divorced his beautiful wife for a 19y/o girl who was dating my friend. My friends mom (Mary) didn't take it well. One day after work, she came home it was late, he was passed out on the couch, I was still playing video games. She sat down and was crying and complaining of foot pain. I said I'll get her some meds. But instead I got her some X, within minutes I asked if she would care for a foot rub, she replied sure, and so I did. And I made my way up her calfs. When I stopped she told me to keep going, eventually I was finger banging her. She took me to the bedroom where we fucked. She had so much energy that I couldn't keep up. After that night it never happened again, and a few months later she took her own life

  • Wow!!

  • Another fucking guy trying to post like he's a woman. Right, OK, you're a female bartender. Who thought it would be a great idea to drop ecstasy with her son and two of his friends. And then you fucked his friends. In front of him. That's gonna be great for his reputation and yours - the slut MILF bartender.

  • Shit, how come my friends' moms weren't more like you? Wow, you are awesome.

  • I enjoyed your tight cunt also your are great at giving head .

  • Who is this?

  • Why waste the smoke, you obviously wanted to fuck them

  • Enjoy that young Cock

  • I am 22 and I love young cock. Presently three young boys have been pleasing me beyond belief.

  • I did, and still do. : )

  • Do you like it that I am jacking off to you? I have smoke x and Christina if you read. This and want to encourage me let me know

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